Success of the young Entrepreneur Director Sumit Saniwal—In a conversation with our experts

After releasing many successful music videos, Sumit Saniwal has proved that he is one of the most promising music video directors in the Haryanvi, Punjabi, and Hindi Music industries. Currently, Mr. Sumit Saniwal owns his music label in partnership with Tarz Haryanvi and is here with an upcoming platform for young artists to make them shine and bring them to the world stage with music. The young entrepreneur is not only a good director, but he is also a visionary who thinks that the upcoming artists should be given a platform where they can bring up something new to the market. The young music director Sumit Saniwal opened up about his thoughts in the interview.

Excerpt Talk with Director Sumit Saniwal:

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1. What inspired you to become an entrepreneur with the direction career?

Sumit Saniwal: Lights, Cameras, and the sound of Action always fascinated me. Since my childhood, I have been passionate about cinema and always thought of doing something out of the box led me to pursue music video direction as a career. Film watching was my hobby that pushed me at each phase of my directorial career. Being an   independent director, I started producing quality content at the beginning of my career. My debut project was Filter Shot by Gulzar Chhaniwala, and from there, my journey kicked off. The success of Filter Shot motivates me to do better day by day and generates an urge to work hard to provide quality content to the audience. I have always wanted to become a changemaker. So here I am with my upcoming music label for youngsters named hey musics. It is not just a platform where we will give an opportunity to the upcoming music artists rather help them shine in the market and set the new urban trend with fresh music in India.

 2. If an artist is being unprofessional at the shoot, how do you manage the situation?

Sumit Saniwal: Managing artists is a difficult task. Dealing with their problems and ego clashes on the set is itself a great deal. But my team and I play a significant role in this. We keep our artists happy and communicate or behave with them in their way so that there must be no chaos on the set and the set runs on time without delays.

We listen to each part and clarify their doubts so that there are no confusion or clashes on set and artists can give their best to the music video.

3. What is the most outstanding achievement of director Sumit Saniwal till date?

Sumit Saniwal: I have worked with many famous Haryanvi artists such as Pranjal Dhaiya, Sapna Chaudhary, Anjali Arora, Renuka Panwar, Masoom Sharma, Manisha Sharma, Gulzaar Channiwala, Raj Mawar, Shweta Chauhan, Aman Raj and to name a few. Balam Kalo, which has been recently released on Tarz Haryanvi, is also directed by me. I own a music label partnership and plan an upcoming label for the fresh uprising artists in the Hindi, Punjabi, and Haryanvi music industries.

I have worked with various labels, including T-Series Haryanvi, Nav Haryanvi, Zee Music Haryanvi, Sonotek, Nupur Audio, Red Hill Music, and Tarz Haryanvi and to name a few. My upcoming projects are Nimbu Paani, Sharara. Kaali Range, Chand Taare, and to name a few, these songs are going to rock your day. I hope you like them and share them more and more.

5. Can you tell us about the most significant moment in your direction career?

Sumit Saniwal:  I am still struggling day by day to be better than my previous self. My projects do not satisfy my creative mindset, but yes, I feel proud in directing the first-ever top trending Haryanvi song on YouTube that was “ Kasoote,” with Gulzaar Chhaniwala. Recently I have directed a music video named Balam Kalo starring 11 artists. Everyone knows how difficult it is to deal with each artist and how important it is to treat them on-screen equally. This was a tremendous task for my team and me. We took up this challenge, and we got a beautiful output. The video is available on YouTube. I suggest you watch it and appreciate it with your comments. 

YouTube link:

6. Do you have any advice for young music video directors like you?

Sumit Saniwal: One piece of advice that I would like to give to young aspiring directors is to keep paperwork strong while signing bonds with the labels and copyrights of your creations so that there will be no chaos later.

Be ahead of what everyone is doing. Bring in something creative that is out of the box. Be a risk-taker. Everyone around you will try to pull you down but never stop jumping ahead.