Sucheta S., a parenting coach, and author has five tips for parents to enjoy Diwali with their children.

Sucheta S., a conscious parenting coach and an author in her book ‘Relearning Parenting’ talks about stress-free parenting and how this can be achieved by caring and nurturing parents. According to her, it is imperative that parents need to made aware of the need to nurture themselves so they can be conscious parent. Everyone is discussing and deliberating about child psychology. Still, there is rarely any discussion on the stress involved in parenting and how painstaking it can be for parents to deal with difficult children in today’s times. It is emotionally and financially draining and exhausting with no appreciation in return. 

 Her book Relearning parenting suggests the process of nurturing yourself so that you can encourage your children into self-motivated, responsible, and resilient individuals. She feels it is essential and also achievable to make parenting a stress-free and enjoyable process. However, it has to be done consciously on day to day basis. She has listed down five tips to make this Diwali a pleasant experience for the whole family. 

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1. Prepare a schedule of activities along with your children-

 Let this Diwali be a democratic Diwali where parents should not try to control children through shouting or threatening them. If it is left for children to decide, they will prefer to spend Diwali in their room with their gadgets and Wi-Fi. By accepting this, it will be easier for parents to deal with this situation. They can be pre-emptive in devising ways to discipline children without shouting or reprimanding them. It is advisable to involve children in preparing the Diwali week celebration schedule by negotiating with them so that they don’t feel that they have to do things out of compulsion. It is essential to keep in mind that the scheduling should be as per their and your likings and preferences. In order to make this scheduling task enjoyable, parents should write it down and pin it in the room to remind them about the program using emojis and other fun things. Festivities have to be enjoyed together, and let your child know mutual respect in all relations.

2. Keep your child linked to tradition and culture

Culture must be preserved and passed on from one generation to another generation. So involve your child in rangoli making, Diya painting, and sweet preparations. Pass on whatever you have learnt from your parents to your children, and don’t forget to add a little bit of your touch to it. 

3. Bond with the community

Your parents, in-laws, relatives, friends, and neighbours play a crucial role in child development. Due to nuclear families and busy, stressful life we miss the fun we enjoyed in our childhood. Let this Diwali be the one where you can help your child make real connections and not virtual and aid them in bonding emotionally. If you keep a positive and cheerful attitude and accept people with all their flaws or weaknesses, you can have a healthy link with your community, interact with different age groups, help children get a unique perspective of life, and keep them away from undue peer pressure.

4. Use this time to emotionally bond with your child 

Emotional bonding happens only when there is an honest exchange of emotions. Due to our busy lifestyle, we don’t get time to bond with our children, so why not use this time. Every child has their blueprint; find out your child’s blueprint by giving them emotional security to express their feelings candidly. 

5. Time to nurture yourself

Parents often forget to nurture themselves because they exert their whole time and energy in parenting. So Sucheta’s hub stresses the need for nurturing the parent. How you will be a parent will be decided by how you were parented. Many of us go through this parenting journey on a trial-and-error basis without realizing what effect it can have on a child’s mental health. They end up bringing up the kid who is timid, entitled, and irresponsible towards their life. We need to learn parenting through conscious methods where we have to nurture ourselves first to nurture our children. 

Sucheta’s hub teaches parents how to resolve their issues. It combines eastern philosophy and western psychology. You can join the WhatsApp group” PARENTS R US” and take up free 11 days challenge to nurture yourself for stress-free parenting. 

If you are facing any challenges while parenting, you can directly reach to her by email. Register for her upcoming online webinars — on this link.

Be an aware and conscious parent. 

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