‘Sujayar Saree Kotha’ had launched Exclusive Saree Boutique at Uniclub One in Newtown, Kolkata

Mrs. Sujaya Mitra, founder of ‘Sujayar Saree Kotha’ launched its exquisite collection of Saree Boutique at Uniclub One in Newton Kolkata on 1st July 2022 with much style and glamour. The exhibition was inaugurated by the famous TV artist Shweta Bhattacharyawho is known for her exemplary acting in the serial ‘Jamuna Dhaki’, ‘Sindoor Khela’, ‘Tumi Robe Nirobe’. The event was marked by the gracious presence of numerous distinguished guests, family, and friends adorning the elegant designs that turned out to be a true wonder and a new milestone being achieved on the very first day of its launch.

Needless to say, Sarees are the most traditional attire for Indian women that comes in a variety of colours, fabrics, designs, and patterns. Furthermore, the saree is an integral part of our lifestyle, culture, and heritage. With a focus on bringing, you a variety of weaves all across India, ‘Sujayar Saree Kotha’ brings a plethora of range of sarees collections that includeHandloom, Silk, Tassar, Khadi, Muslin, and many more.

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The founder Mrs. Sujaya Mitra shared her inspiration behind the inception of ‘Sujayar Saree Kotha’ – “I have always been charmed by the vibrant and colorful sarees in my mother’s wardrobe. Although wearing her sarees was what I actually appreciated, the number of sarees didn’t matter. As a result of this affection, collecting and amassing various types has developed into an intense passion for them. And as a result of that desire, “Sujayar Saree Kotha” was born.”

‘Sujayar Saree Kotha’s’ mission is to bring forth collaboration between skillful artists and weavers and elegance to keep the tradition alive and a vision to recognize the talent of remote village weavers and empower the artists by making their handwork available to all the saree lovers without any financial constraint.

Indeed, Sarees resemble a simple, attractive clay idol that is given life and wealth when a woman takes an effort to wrap the seven yards around herself. Then it gives the same woman graceful beauty, appeal, and alluring magic. As a brand, ‘Sujayar Saree Kotha’ focuses on keeping the patience, labor, and skill of the artisans alive who make all ends meet to embroider one whole saree with different colors of yarn, it’s a matter of fact, they are the ‘artists’ in the true sense of the word.

The founder Mrs. Sujaya Mitra further adds “I have managed to explore and have piled up quite a number of sarees that have made me fall in love with each one of them. The absolute persistent hard work and skill of the artists in several remote villages have made me bow my head in reverence. Weaving Handloom, Silk, Tassar, Khadi, Muslin- whatever be the type of fabric- the brilliance of the handiwork has left no doubts regarding the sheer expertise that this county has to offer in this sphere. Deciding which colors to match, then painting down their imagination- no wonder all of these must require such competence.”

‘Sujayar Saree Kotha’ takes pride in working with weavers and remote artisans of India who kept the ethnicity at the top that has taken up the distinguished style of sarees at many events and other festive occasions not just in India but abroad too, together with their immense contribution to our country’s GDP.

The multifaceted, Mrs. Sujaya Mitra is a skilful classical singer and a passionate Bengali poet. She is working as a Consultant for Child Psychology and DMT (dance movement therapy). The myriad collection of ‘Sujayar Saree Kotha’s’ sarees is available at 78/10, Santiram Rasta, Bally, Howrah. Contact now and grab your designs – 9804859600 and 9830590360.