Sumit Singh – Started His Career From 5000 Rupees Job To a Successful Entrepreneur

In 2017, after gaining confidence and believing that he was ready, he began his first job as a digital marketer, earning 5000 rupees per month while balancing his college studies. He stayed at this job for a short time before leaving in 2018 to pursue his dream of working as a freelancer. He made an Instagram account and used it to post over 1,000 videos about digital marketing. For him, this is a time of struggle once more. But yes, great things take time, and they test one’s patience. It is necessary to have faith in oneself and to wait for the right moment to knock on the door. In the case of Sumit Singh, it took four long months. He received his first project from a US company for $500. This turned the tables up and down and ignited his career and, after producing an efficient and effective output, many other offers lined up for him. Inspired by this success, he started creating more and more content and bagged many other projects.

A 25-year-old young man is now helping many top companies to enhance their market and get closer to people. Are you curious as to how he accomplishes this? It is not an impossible task, but it is not an easy one either. It demanded all his time, perseverance, and what not? It demanded everything from him. While most of his peers were enjoying their youth, this young man dreamed of a bright future, chose Digital Marketing as his career, gave it his all, immersed himself in the process of learning, improving, and enhancing every day, and finally, he is now dealing with top companies such as “Estimate Florida Consulting,” “Floridas Contractors” and “V Marketing Media”. He is none other than Sumit Singh, the man who’s busy with clients from India and the USA.

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Sumit Singh hails from Khatima, a calm and small town located on the riverside of the Sarada river in the beautiful state of Uttarakhand. He is a computer science engineer and graduated from the Phonics Group of Institutions, Roorkee. Right from his college days, he was inclined towards digital marketing. He strongly believed that everything in this world has been digitalized, and the impact of digitalization has resulted in a drastic change in every sector, especially in marketing. He observed that most people are spending a lot of time on social media sites and is astonished by the fact that information is circulated at a rapid rate on sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This can be the most beneficial way for a business to inform a large group of people about their product or about the services they offer. The only thing left is to attract people by applying different strategies. Sumit Singh has something in mind that he can design those strategies and can stand an excellent chance in this field of career. That was the day he decided to make a difference and establish a new trend and separate route in the industry of digital marketing.

From that day, he started learning everything that’s required for digital marketing. Being a computer science student, he is aware of the skills required to develop a website and Android applications, as he says that these are both mandatory for any company to provide regular updates about everything that needs to reach people. For knowledge beyond the textbooks and course curriculum, he also completed a course and got certified as a JAVA and Android developer in 2016 by Cetpa Infotech. Later, he dived deep into the world of digital marketing and honed his skills with the help of courses online and got certified as a digital marketer by Google in 2017.

Over his entire career until now, he has designed more than 50 websites. With the wise thought of sharing his knowledge with everyone, he has taught more than 50 students in digital marketing. This did not happen overnight, nor was it a walk on a cake. It took so much dedication and determination for Sumit to become what he is today. He rose to this position from where he worked for 5000 rupees in his first job. He says that his goal is to become financially very strong and stable by the time he reaches 30. His story stands as an inspiration to many upcoming digital marketers and proves that anyone with an honest interest and sincere efforts can excel in this field.

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