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The global jewellery market size was valued at $278B in 2018 and is expected to reach $292B by 2025.The industry comprises manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and jewellery designers. Unlike many other industries that have gone through leaps in technology, the jewellery industry has remained untouched for over 40 years.
Swarajshop is one such India’s one of the biggest and renowned jewellery brand in India founded by Mangesh Shinde which have made a foray into the digital space with fashion jewellery where everyone can find the right kind of jewellery to meet their style and traditional needs. Reshama Salvi & Swara Shinde, co-founders of Swaraj Shops with their futuristic vision making the brand better from their competitors. Launched in 2010, Swarajshop provides handcrafted, unique, and extraordinary jewellery that enhance the look of any woman alongside providing them comfort. At the initial stage of the budding company, the brand deliberately tied-up with the third party supplier for maintaining the customer needs. However in 2015, witnessing the growth and people’s love and appreciation, Swaraj Shop exited the third party connection and started to rely on the jewellery manufactured by them.
Swarajshop, aim to target the Pan-India audience with a sharp focus on Northern and Western states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Delhi-NCR Region, Rajasthan and Gujarat. Swarajshop also focus to go abroad as well in countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Yemen, Australia, New Zealand, Kuwait and Nepal.
The bootstrapped and empathetic company provides handmade customised jewellery, covering every age group. With unique and high-quality craftsmanship Swarajshop not just sell jewellery but also deals in products like saree, lehengas, apparel, etc. The brand emphasises strongly on customers’ privacy and hence guarantees privacy security by storing the data on a well-encrypted and protected server. Swarajshop also
Manufactures its own beautiful artificial ethnic jewellery pieces to meet the high demands of the people. These jewellery are customized according to the needs of the customer. They also provide products at the most economical rates and are designed keeping in view the customer feedback.
Swarajshop is currently operating across online marketplaces with social media presence. It’s their top-notch products that have driven the company’s growth and came out on top at the moment when businesses all across the globe were struggling to survive the economic fallout of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Connecting People to India’s most beautiful products, Swaraj Shop is about bringing the world a little closer together. The best designs are crafted by renowned craftsmen and artisans from all over India and deliver at an exceptional value to the members. The company also provides Cash-on- delivery option and a friendly return & refund policy. Swarajshops have both website and an application for the ease of the costomers.
Mangesh believes that Jewellery is something that Women have been wearing since ancient times, and it has become an inseparable part of their lives. A jewellery talks about who she is and what she represents. Every woman has a box of jewellery ranging from a simple bracelet to an ethnic neckpiece. They make sure they wear their beloved pieces on every occasion. With time, the importance of jewellery has increased with various new designs and patterns in the market. It is not just an accessory but a way of satisfaction, self-pride, and self-indulgence. Not just designs and patterns but with the advancement of technology and the emergence of digitization, Mangesh deliberately understands the importance of taking their business to the online world.Needless to mention, online commerce has brought people closer home in terms of convenience and options and reputed jewellery brand Swarajshop started gaining a loyal following leading to customer trust. Mangesh has created a platform of genuine and fashionable jewellery as a result of this situation. The brand’s quick success can be credited to the company’s global e-commerce-driven digital-first approach to providing customers with the finest options. Despite the fact that the Pandemic has risen a global development in most of the fashion sector, this direct-to-consumer jewellery brand have seen good fortunes.

Swarajshops have not maintained the chain of profit-sharing mediators and achieved this success by implementing strategies to become a customer-oriented company. They stand by the values of quality, transparency, and simplicity of the product and have a sharp focus on the high-demand supply for the jewellery. Believing in glorifying families at Swarajshop because jewels stay within families, the company plans to become the most visited online women-centric marketplace all around the globe. Their mission is to deliver the numerous and premier quality products, with every client leaving with a smile on their face. Numerous Swarajshops are located in the major parts of India, and they are soon planning spread to Swarajshop to other parts as well.

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