Roses have been grown for their smell, beauty, and healing powers since antiquity. They aren’t like any other nature’s creation due to the variety of emotions they symbolise. Treasuring them as a sign of achievement, completion, and perfection is due to a melange of thorny stems and fragrant blossoms: after meeting the lengthy stalks with the thorns, you are rewarded with a bloom of great beauty and enchanting smell. In other words, roses are a metaphor for life: you will find inner harmony, connection, and happiness after conquering adversity.
Due to this distinctive symbolic meaning, roses are often used in heraldry, badges, and coats of arms. The rose has long been associated with silence and secrecy, dating back to the ancient Egyptians and Greeks, and worn during rituals to signify that any secrets passed on to them would be kept inviolate. Today roses aren’t symbolising secrets anymore, infact they’re the prime decorations while announcing something big. Whether you’re getting married or having a grand party, roses are used to beautify every corner and make those celebrations special.

Floral industry in India is one of the lesser known fast growing industry, has grown six percent annually. The floral industry for Cut Flowers, Wedding Flowers and divine flowers are available in high prices. Rose flowers are commercially grown in tons within parts of India due to their significance in decor, rituals, medicines, cosmetics and a lot more. Hence they’re a popular crop for domestic as well as commercial cut flowers. In 2017-18, India exported flowers worth Rs 57.66 crore followed by exports worth Rs 57.46 crore.

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There are over three hundred species rose native to Asia, used for Perfume, Food, drink and Medicine. Due to their intoxicating fragrance, roses are used in making perfumes and organic attar. They’re highly effective natural essential oil for skin. Being highly rich in vitamin C, they’re a prime ingredient in cosmetics and health products. Rosewater is a staple in Indian households and used in cuisines, medicines and drinks. Since Roses are restricted to import nowadays, they’re gaining demand in Indian market.

Roses offer another special feature and that is the variety of colours they come in. There is a wide range of colours and each with its own symbolic meaning. Along with colour, the shape and age of the rose flower convey a particular meaning. Such as the Red rose is identified with romance, beauty, and bravery while its rosebud represents purity and beauty. Yellow flowers are related with friendship, happiness, and fresh beginnings. The white rose symbolises purity and innocence, as well as stillness, mystery, and reverence. White and Red roses are a popular choice for bridal bouquets with high demand in Indian market. Infact Roses own 70% of the floral industry in India while the rest 30% is all other flowers.

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