Tahseen Hamza’s Journey from giving Tuitions to starting Peace Mission Evarsity

Tahseen Hamza, the man behind Peace Mission Evarsity. Tahseen is a reputed English teacher and now has been guiding students to achieve the best out of them. He has been guiding and mentoring students from a long time and with years of experience in this field he is the reason for revolutionising the education sector, especially in the Southern Kolkata region. Tahseen was born in a family of academicians and educationist from where he inherited the passion of learning and teaching. Tahseen is known for his contribution in the educating children and this passion of his turned him into an Entrepreneural teacher.

It all started when Tahseen’s father Akhtar Hossain passed away. He had triple Masters in English, Islamic Studies and Persian from the Calcutta University. The great academician and a father passed away when Tahseen was just a 5-year-old baby. That moment a well-to-do family saw a period of crises and table turned for Tahseen’s family. Tahseen’s mother who was a housewife started sewing and stitching and his elder brother who was in 10th standard started provided tuitions to provide finances for the family. When Tahseen was asked about it, he said, “Due to financial issues I studied in a government school and I studied myself.” Today Tahseen has over thirteen years of experience and holds double Masters in English and a M.Phil with a B.Ed degree. He also did his specialisation in IELTS, P.T.E., and Business communication. He also has a Diploma in English as foreign language.

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It was in 9th class when I started giving tuitions to students to financially support my family,” recalls Tahseen as from where the passion of teaching was ignited within him. When he was in Highschool he was earning and learning and soon after that he completed his graduation, post-graduation and B.Ed from Calcutta University. As Tahseen was still providing tuitions but did not have adequate space or resources to continue he started looking for space and subsequently he got a local club where he taught for three years and got experienced, reputed and made an image of himself. But as he grew and thought of expansion, he felt the need of a bigger place and a team. A team that will help him in teaching. As the options were limited but his mission was to educate students, specially those who are poor and marginalised. With this aim he started AL Hand WSA Great Hall Schools in Kolkata.

With the sheer dedication and utter determination and vision Tahseen started a fully fledged class, a class that started from 30 students slowly and steadily rose from double digits to triple digits of 430 students, they saw storm in the Education Sector, got affiliated with my West Bengal State Board and also got recognised by the Central Government. Peace Mission Evarsity is creating employment opportunities for teachers it has more than 4000 students and 143 teachers across the globe. Peace Mission Evarsity is one of its kind, it allows mutual growth of students and teachers, students and learn from their favourite teacher and students connect and learn. At Peace Mission Evarsity teachers sign up and slowly get responses from students.

Not only Tahseen is known across India but he is also a known name in abroad, he has taught in International School like in Kingdom of Bahrain, after returning to his homeland Tahseen worked with more hard work with his new skills and started running and classes in various rental temporary places but absence of permanent fixed place was always felt. The education of students was the main vision. The vision was strong and stronger was the will power.

With his knowledge and experience he established Peace Mission Evarsity, an online teaching platform, the services that are provided by Peace Mission Evarsity are world famous such as live classes, open schooling, studying in abroad etc are offered. Tahseen has more than 4000 students across globe, his students come from countries like U.A.E., Bahrain, China, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. He has experience in teaching students from 13 years belonging to various boards like CBSE, ICSE, I.S.C., IGCSE, State Board, and I.B. and has helped students achieve flying scores in English subjects.

He is well versed with digital gadgets and with digital tools and study material, Tahseen Hamza’s teaching techniques are unique and non-conventional he included ppt, video, visual, digital worksheets, and software for exams and training while teaching students giving them the education and knowledge they deserve.

You can connect with Peace Mission Evarsity via following links:

Website: Peace Mission Evarsity