Team India won11 medals in the FIF World Championship under the leadership of Dr. Harminder Dulowal

The Indian team, led by Dr Harminder Dulowal, won 11 medals at the Mr World Championship in Singapore, defeating players from other countries. New players are being trained for upcoming events.

FIF International World President Mr. Dennis Tew and International Athlete Director Manvir Mander conducted the Mr. World Championship on 18 and 19 August 2023 in Singapore, in which players from different countries of the world including India participated. Meanwhile, International Judge, Athlete, and Red Gym KapurthalahonoredMr. World Championship Under the leadership of Dr Harminder Dulowal, 7 players participated in the World Championship held in Singapore. During the championship, players from different countries, including India, demonstrated their excellent bodies, which were given points by the judges while watching them very carefully, and this championship was very exciting and exciting.

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In the championship, the players of the Indian team won a total of 11 medals, including Mangesh 2 gold and 1 silver, Jaggi 1 gold, Harpal 3 silver, Deepak 3 bronze, and Vijay 1 bronze. Dr. Harminder Dulowalhas led the Indian team on this occasion. Congratulating all the players of his team on the stage, Harminder Dulowal said that these players had worked hard for this championship, due to which this success has come to them today.

Dr. Harminder Dulowal informed that the players are given the opportunity to play in the championships held in different countries in India and outside India and some other new players are being trained at Red Gym Kapurthala for the upcoming championships and will soon show their strength in the championships.