Ten Literary Personalities of 2021 who created a profound impact with their work

From passionate writers to well known authors, we have selected 10 incredibly talented literary personalities who have created an impact with their work. If you have not yet read their works, then you must read today!

Padma Shri Sudha Murty

Sudha Murty is an Indian engineering teacher, author and a social worker. She is also the chairperson of the Infosys Foundation. She is married to the co-founder of Infosys, N. R. Narayana Murthy. Murty was awarded the Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian award in India, for social work by the Government of India in 2006.

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Murty is best known for her social work and her contribution to literature in Kannada and English. Dollar Bahu (English: Dollar Daughter-in-Law), a novel originally authored by her in Kannada and later translated into English as Dollar Bahu, was adapted as a televised dramatic series by Zee TV in 2001.[6] Sudha Murthy has also acted in the Marathi film Pitruroon and the Kannada film Prarthana. She has also appeared in Kaun Banega Crorepati season 11 in its finale week episode “Karamveer”. 

She was also awarded the lifetime achievement award in 2020 by Cherry Book Awards after getting the highest number of nominations from the participants.

Wikipedia: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sudha_Murty

Piyush Goel (Mirror Image Man of India)

Mirror Image Man of India, Piyush Goel. This title was given by the media and his readers, for his writing in the mirror image style. He is an Indian Writer, Author, Mechanical Engineer, Public Speaker. He has written several books in the mirror image form.

He is the world record holder and well known for his writing books in the mirror image form.

In 2012, he set the world record by writing the world’s first needle book MADHUSHALA of HARIVANSH RAI BACHCHAN by using a needle in a mirror image. Piyush has written several books in Mirror image, including Bhagavad Gita, Sundara Kanda from Ramcharitmanas, Sai Satcharitra, Durga Saptashati, Meri Ikyavan Kavitayein of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the former Prime Minister of India. He also wrote the World’s first Bhagavad Gita in mirror image, reportedly by the Hindustan Times.

Piyush Goel was born on 10th Feb 1967 in the lap of Mother Ravi Kanta and Father Dr. D.K. Goel. Piyush Goel always believes in new Creation and Imagination, by profession, he is a Mechanical Engineer but by passion, he is a Motivator, Cartoonist, Local Cricket Umpire, and Mirror Image Writer. He has the experience of more than 25 years in Various Companies. His three mathematics papers were published in the International Research Journal. He also wrote a book that contains 110 motivational quotes – “Sochana to Padega Hi”.

Wikipedia: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piyush_Goel

Divya Venkateswaran

A poet, writer by passion, it took her more than a couple of decades to put her thoughts out on the paper. A Bachelor of Arts in English from Delhi University, Divya Venkateswaran is a bibliophile and the world of literature fascinates her. She first began writing soulful stories for Times Of India (Internet) under its “Soul Curry”section. She is a co author in many anthologies with different publishing houses. Her own book of poetry named “A Slice of Reverie” is going to be published soon. She has authored a book in collaboration with a fellow poet which is in the process of getting published and will be presented at the World Book Fair 2022 held in Delhi every year. She has also edited a book for “United By Ink” a literary platform for budding writers, poets and readers. Her love for reading has got the better of her and she reviews upcoming authors and any new title she reads. Spends far too much time reading and listening to music and is a trained classical singer. Divya Venkateswaran lives in Mumbai and works with a renowned education services company.

Madhurima Guruju

Madhurima is an educator and artist who hails from Hyderabad. According to her, writing is like a therapy to deal with tumultuous situations and pen is her only friend on which she relies to vent her tangled thoughts through poetry and stories.

She did publish three solo poetry books this year, even took part in several anthologies and had been featured on several other news web links for her remarkable contribution towards literary arts while additionally holds experience in story telling as she had participated in several open mic events across the nation.

Her recent book “Musings and Memories” , a series of poems related to lives of people, had been released under spotwrite publication, fetching enormous appreciation and awards.

Musings and Memories book is now available on Kindle, Google Play Bookstore and the official website of spotwrite publication.

Rubal Choudhary

A girl with enthusiastic spirit, who not only wants to fly but also wants to achieve all possible things which can be achieved on this planet. 

Just like the falcon she wants to fly high, breaking all the barriers coming in her way. 

She is Rubal Choudhary from Gurgaon, Haryana, currently doing MA in English Literature. She has been a best selling author of the book – “My Way to the Moon” which was recognised by Bravo Book of Records. 

A selenophile, avid reader, artist and what not, she is an ambivert and a learner who only wants to learn and grow and explore things without limit. 

Achieving records and awards, has been very special to her, because she feels “Growth starts with a small move and lasts long.”

Ka’Ron Gaines

Ypsilanti based global literary sensation and creator of Woke Seed, Ka’Ron Gaines is also known by his stage name Mr. One God. Gaines is also a recording artist and a rapper. The poems he wrote as a child during the days when there was violence in his community, were later converted to music releases. His latest single Woman God, in collaboration with Brand Nu is based on the ideology that he belives in.

All of us came here through a woman and that’s how our life starts on this planet called Earth,” he says. In fact, the most popular book Woke Seed Book which is based on the ideology of One Race, One Culture, One God, also talks about the importance of women.

Proud father of six beautiful children, Ka’Ron Gaines is also the founder of One God Publishing and One God Clothing. He is a well known political figure and former human relations commissioner for his active contributions against violence. As an activist, he started comedy and music tours which traveled to various cities in and out of his state, Michigan.

Sumana Acherjee Mukherjee

A born fighter who believes that hard work is always rewarded. She believes in being simple and she is confident that she can overcome any difficulties.

From mistakes to mastery, from one liners to poetry, the journey of her life  may look like a complete mystery, but the reality speaks volumes sans all the glamour which is shown to the world outside.

Sumana was born in a small town of Bankura, West Bengal. Her early childhood was spent at Sudamdih, Dhanbad. She did her class X from Indian School of Learning, Sudamdih and passed out +2 from Delhi public School   Dhanbad. She opted for English Language & Literature for her higher studies. She completed her Masters in English Language & Literature from Burdwan University.. From her college and university days she has a fascination to be a teacher. She worked for a few years as an English secondary teacher in one of the reputed schools of Kolkata. But she never left her passion of writing. She established herself as a published author with her first book Life Through My Eyes which is already trending in all the major online sites. She also worked as co author in few anthologies under banner of some of the reputed publication houses like Wordsgenix publication, Dreamer’s Shelf publication, Flairs & Glairs Publication, BFC publication.Her second book “The Moment of Joy” collection of short stories and poems is launched too.

Besides being featured in national and international magazine she is also awarded as the best author 2021 by Millennia Awards.Recently she is featured in the column of International Magazine phosphenes a magazine of Art and Literature

She is a motivational speaker too. You can follow her Instagram page as well as her youtube channel.

A simple loving girl who believes in hard work and simplicity. 

Follow her at 

Instagram handle @author_sumana

Jaymin Shah   

“Paths are created, not only to reach the destination, but are also created to teach how to reach the destination in any condition”. And here we are talking about  Jaymin Dilip Shah who is passionate towards his work and profession.

Jaymin Dilip Shah was born on 6th September  1987  in Rajkot, Gujrat. His zodiac sign is Virgo. His parents Mr. Dilip K Shah and Mrs. Divya D Shah  are his strength.  He also shares a very special bond with his supportive brother Aakash D Shah. He completed his B.Tech in computer science. He is Author and teacher by profession . 34 Years old Jaymin is a great personality , Standing 5’7″ tall and weighing 75 kg, who is married to Mrs. Krutika J Shah and has a son named Shrihaan J Shah.

Jaymin began his career” with his first book “The untold love” that tells you about an unexpressed love and how that unexpressed love forms Thee.Then he penned  a motivational book “A walk with myself” which was a record holder book. After that two more books were  launched by him “We are the poets” & “The inner soul”.  When you decide to do something then there is no stopping, on 25th December 2021, his new book is going to publish named as “The last bencher” and not only this, to know more about him and his struggle Jaymin is going to release his book written on himself soon “Jaymin” (a journey from struggle to the writer), this book will launch on March 2022.

Jaymin believe the fact that “ what you believe you receive”.

He was awarded in “India Prime Awards “. Year 2021 was  full of appreciation for him , On July 6,2021 he was appreciated for writing a motivational novel “A walk with myself”  which was a record holder in India book of records 2021 and then the award list goes on, he received “Tagore Commemorative Award”, “Literary Icon Of The Year”, ”Sahityakosh Award” and many more.

We rise by lifting others (HIS DREAM)

As he believes that “We rise by lifting others”, his dream is to help the children who want to study by giving them free education or by paying fees of the children who can’t afford it. Also he is a “Motivational Speaker”, he wants to motivate more and more people he can, and with a motivational speaker he is a “Child Counselor” too, who does counseling  for their happy life.

Get in touch with Jaymin 







Sugirtha S Bagavan

Sugirtha S Bagavan a Research Scholar, pursuing Doctorate in English Literature at Periyar Maniammai Institute of Science and Technology, Thanjavur, Tamilnadu. She hails from Chennai. She is a gold medalist in post graduation. She started her career as a budding writer from 2019 onwards. She authored more than 15 books and co-authored more than 100 books. Being a teaching professional her books, talks about multiple genres of literature. She was nominated and won many awards for the year 2021: “Top Inspiring Indian Women” by Spectrum Fanatixx Awards, “Most Versatile Women of The Nation” by Forever Star World Records, “Prestigious Literary Awards for the category Literature” by Awardsarc, “Literary Personality” by Ambitious Awards, “Khubsoorat Indian Women of 2021, Iconic Women Awards”, “Best Compiler of the year 2021” by Talent Awards. Apart from this she is working as Project Head at Spectrum of Thoughts – Fanatixx Publication. Been a literature background she projects publishing articles and dissertation proposals.

Follow her at Instagram: @sugirthasbagavan 

Your Quote: ssujji25.yourquote.in

Indira Guha Patra

The Author of The Veil of Disguise, Chasing Dreams, The Promise, and Baby Fights Corona, Indira Guha Patra is an emerging Indian writer whose indomitable spirit to defeat failures and her fiery language skills have already won over thousands of readers. She started her writing career back in 2016 with her first romantic novel Chasing Dreams. 

She did her schooling from B.D.Memorial International and M.Sc. Biotechnology from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata. She was in her 3rd year of Ph.D. when she decided to quit her Ph.D. and take up writing professionally. A few months later, Chasing Dreams got published worldwide by Olympia Publishers, London, and touched the hearts of several readers. 

She published her second book, a short story, ‘The Promise’ – a book on supernatural suspense in 2018 through Kindle Direct Publishing, and it became a great success. In the year 2020, when the whole world crumbled under the pandemic, Indira published her first Children’s book, ‘Baby Fights Corona,’ a book for kids of age range 1-5 that came in handy to parents helping them to make their toddlers aware of the current crisis in a funny and colorful way. In Dec 2020, Indira published her second novel, a crime thriller fiction – ‘The Veil of Disguise’ which was published by Bigfoot Publications. She won several awards for this book, including The Best Thriller Award from Elite Book Awards and R Crit 100 Author Awards from R Crit Reviews. ‘The Veil of Disguise’ got nominated for the NE8x Litfest 2021 and was shortlisted for ‘The Digital Lit Fest.’ 

Currently, she is working on her upcoming poetry book as well as the sequel to ‘The Veil of Disguise.’ Over the span of 5 years, Indira Guha Patra has published four books belonging to four different genres. She is a modern-day writer who masters in depicting reality, nature, and human emotions and intertwining them with her imagination to create a rich tapestry where reality and fiction merge beautifully. 

She has been awarded the ‘Sahityakosh Samman 2021’, ‘Bharatiya Youth Face of India’ title, ‘R Crit 100 Author award’, ‘The Pride of India Award,’ ‘The Writer of the Year Award,’ ‘Best Thriller Author Award,’ ‘Rabindranath Tagore International Prize for Art and literature,’ and ‘Most Exemplary work Award’ for her contribution to literature. She has been featured in innumerable magazines and newspapers. She has been the guest speaker in the NE8X Lit Fest and Elite Annual carnival of Art and Literature 2021. 

Indira Guha Patra is doing one of the finest experiments with her work, thereby not limiting her creativity within the boundaries of a particular genre. Her journey as an author has been a roller-coaster ride on an adventurous path with lots of failures and rejections coming her way. But she remains determined to overcome every obstacle and keep working towards her aim which is to inspire and influence the young generation through her writings.

To know more about the author, follow her at 

https://www.facebook.com/litteraire2016 @indiraguhapatra

We expect more brilliant works from these wonderful literary personalities. They will certainly continue to inspire the readers in the time to come.