Ten Literary Personalities of 2021 who have touched hearts with their brilliant work

From passionate writers to well known authors, we have selected 10 incredibly talented literary personalities who have touched the hearts of the readers with their brilliant work. If you have not yet read their works, then you must read today!

Durjoy Datta

Durjoy Datta is an Indian author and screenwriter known for his coffee-table novels about the romantic life of young Indians.

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Durjoy Datta was born on 7 February 1987 in Mehsana, Gujarat, but grew up in New Delhi. He completed his schooling at the Bal Bharati Public School, Pitampura, and went on to do mechanical engineering at Delhi Technological University. He did his post-graduation from Management Development Institute, Gurgaon and Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Germany, and majored in marketing and finance. He started writing while he was in the final year of college. In 2011, he quit his job at American Express as a marketing analyst and turned full-time writer. He is married to travel blogger and air hostess Avantika Mohan.

R K Mohapatra

R K Mohapatra, MBA/Finance, FCMA, is now working as General Manager of Finance, IRCON, has vast experience of 28 years in the field of Finance & Accounts and coupled with profound knowledge on various investment avenues, known for his work on cash & wealth management, portfolio analysis, financial planning, and retirement planning for individuals.

Financial Expert R K Mohapatra, an” Eminent Author” awardee, authored four books on non-fiction business self-help, “Retirement Planning: A simple guide for Individuals,” “Investment Risk & Growth: A Guide for Investors about Investment Vehicles,” “Sahi Nivesh Se Ameer Banen(Hindi Edition)” and “Mutual Funds: A Powerful Investment Avenue for Individuals.” 

Mohapatra’s all books help investors (irrespective of age) construct a good and balanced investment portfolio, provide self-help technics, tips for wealth creation in the long run, and enable them to achieve their financial goals in life. The author’s vast experience of personal and retirement planning helps readers to understand the subject effortlessly, creating wealth through a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) in the long run.

Mohapatra’s book, “Retirement Planning: A simple guide for Individuals,” was recently awarded the Best Seller Blue Rose Book Awards 2021 and honored National Media Network Awards-2016 in New Delhi. 

The book “Mutual Funds: A Powerful Investment Avenue for Individuals” won the Literary Titan Gold Book Award 2020 is also used the tertiary institutions for students studying Financial Accounting, Economics, Banking & Finance courses, and other related study programs.

As an expert, Mohapatra delved into mutual funds’ operational and regulatory mechanisms, types of mutual funds and their return and risk, portfolios allocation and tax implications, measurement of risk in mutual funds, and prospects in India. 

R K Mohapatra was honored with the “IRCON Managing Director award” in 1999-2000 for his excellent work. He was also honored as an activist by the Kalagul Shaktipeeth Mandir, Trust, Sylhet, in 2008 for his philanthropic efforts & significant initiatives on social work at Shaktipeeth, Maa Kalagul, Temple, Bangladesh.

R K Mohapatra was a speaker and panelist of the Theme: “SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME….” at the 18th Edition Asia Pacific HRM Congress, Taj Yeshwantpur, Bangalore, and Chief speaker on the topic,” “Investment Opportunity and Risk Management in India” at ICAI, Bhubaneswar Chapter, Bhubaneswar, in 2019.

Mohapatra’s work has been featured on many national daily newspapers, including The Freepress journal, Outlook Money, The Pioneer, and early TIMES, Jammu, and magazines: “Indian Railways,” “Reader’s Trail,” “Intriguing Imagination,” & “CFO Connect- IMA India.”

Notable author R K Mohapatra has the recipient of numerous national and international awards, including two prestigious international awards: the 18th Edition Asia Pacific HRM Congress -Exemplary leader award 2019 and the 19th Edition Asian Leadership – Hall of Fame award 2021 for his excellent and enormous contributions to IRCON and exceptional caliber to the world of Finance.

Pradnya Kulkarni

Pradnya Kulkarni is a passionate writer and award winning author. She is author of 4 books ‘Majestic Power’ (edition 1&2), ‘Eye Of Mind’ and ‘Dark Holds The World’. She is co-author of 11+anthologies. Also she has contributed to 2 audiobooks.  Her creative work is also published in national magazine ‘Taare Zameen Par’ & international magazine ‘Culture Flash’. Her debut book  ‘Majestic Power’ edition 1 contains 100 inspirational quotes and was selected as one of the Literoma’s Top 10 Featured Books Of The Year 2019. Her book ‘Majestic Power’ edition 2 contains 200 inspirational quotes which are definitely helpful  to inspire everyone and to create new hopes in their mind. The book is full of motivational quotes which will spread positivity. Name of the book itself indicates that this book has a power which will change your life. It was selected as one of the Literoma’s Top 10 Featured Books Of The Year 2020.

Her book ‘Eye Of Mind’ contains poems which are very inspirational,energetic and full of positivity.  Also some poems are about beauty of nature and relations. Name of the book itself indicates that you can visualize the words with the eye of your mind. It was also selected as one of the Literoma’s Top 10 Featured Books Of The Year 2020. ‘Dark Holds The World’ is her recently published book. The book contains 20 horror poems. Title ‘Dark Holds The World’ itself indicates that there exists a life in the dark which is unearthly. The book will make you visualize this world.  Also it will make the noisiness of the dark nights audible. Scary nights, creepy places,  spooky things! Experience the horripilation through words. Pradnya holds ‘Vajra World Record’ for being co-author of ‘Vajra World Records’ winner book ‘Maples’. Her recent achievement is she won the title #100inspiringauthorsofindia 2021 by The Indian Awaz (achieved Author Award 2021).

She achieved Best Aspiring Author Award 2021 by Cherrybookawards Season 3, Best Aspiring Writer Award 2021  by Elitebookawards Season 1. Pride & Honour Award by Priyaswisdompublication among many others.  Also she is nominated for NE8X Litfest 2021. Her hobbies are reading, writing,  travelling and listening to music.  She is an M Sc. in Chemistry , now staying in Akola, Maharashtra.

Mehak Walia

Mehak Walia is Delhi-based author who loves to use her words to create perfection along with the rare merge of storytelling, correctness, readability and clarity. 

She has been writing for about 5 years now, has written four (fiction) books and has been a part of various anthologies based on short stories and poetry. 

She has also won two awards so far, for her recent novel, ‘The ‘Perfect’ Literarian’.

“As far as my passion goes, writing is honestly, the one thing that comes to me as easily and naturally as, perhaps, eating or breathing. I have grown up as an individual who was never seen without a book or a pen in her hand.” She adds with a smile. 

Her love for reading and writing has only grown with her age. This is what fuels her to be an author.

Padmaja Bharti

As an author, Padmaja Bharti is trying to revive her curiosity into her real life. She has written bestselling books, “Rhime of Time,” which is a poetry compilation, and “Wondering of Indian International Ethics,” a book that wonders about Indian Ethics.

Her book on “COVID – Economic Effect, India and its Current Imperialis” is indeed quite popular. She is also working on a Sanskrit and Telugu book.

Her books have highly healthy prospective and soulful topics which are newly renounced by the new generation.

Yashi Lath

Author Yashi lath is from Lucknow Uttar Pradesh, India she is an author by profession and a psychology student. She believes that writing is an emotion that gives people the freedom to express themselves. Writing and reading are her childhood love that provides her a soothing escape from the bitter reality of the world. 

She is a self-published author of six books that are available on Amazon and Flipkart. She has got many awards this year for her hard work and dedication towards writing. She has been featured in several media articles at both national and international levels and she has been featured in national and international magazines. She has several dreams in her eyes and she believes in making those dreams come true.

Pragya Gogoi

One of the most promising, upcoming poets of recent times, Pragya Gogoi is quickly building a name for herself with her brilliant work. The 21 year old from Northeast India created history in 2020 by becoming the youngest Indian author to write a bestselling debut book in just 3 days. Her work has been featured in multiple National and International magazines and forums and has won her a significant number of awards and accolades in the literary arena. Hindustan Times listed her book among 13 most impactful reads in Indian literature 2021 and was followed by Outlook India listing it in its must read recommendations. She has actively contributed to Indian literature with her work in various literary projects, forums, journals and magazines within a very short span of time…She has been featured in the coveted list of 100 Inspiring Authors of India 2021, Top 100 Women Icons of 2021 in literature, Asia’s Top 100 Influential Women of 2021 in literature. Pragya has been featured several times in top national media like Outlook India,Mid day, Zee 5 as one of the most talented, upcoming poets of India.

Pragya’s upcoming 2 books are expected to hit the market in 2022.The young author is currently an engineering undergraduate with a huge knack for robotics who has represented her University in the top robotics championships in National and International stages. She is also an ace musician specialising in vocal music and violin and is a former stage and television performer.

Ubbay Francis

Ubbay Francis is the most talented person in Mumbai according to Google. He is a casting director, model, artist coordinator, digital marketing enthusiast, and above all a former bodybuilding coach. His book The Importance of Physics in BodyBuilding is an incredible journey of a bodybuilder and every muscle man can relate to it. Ubbay Francis is the son of a Spanish father and Indian mother. Both his parents are involved in the teaching industry, the father being a Professor, and his mother, a Principal. 


Sarah has come a long way from the girl who used to scribble poetry in her diary to a woman who has become an award winning poet. 

Her writing journey has been full of highs and lows; but the lows are what have motivated her to never give up.

Writing for her is more about exorcising the demons within rather than following a prompt or writing for fun. It’s what keeps her sane.Sarah is the Founder & Content Creator of a writing community on Instagram called @vaguesoulsunite. Along with her team of talented volunteers, she endeavours to help and promote the members of the writing community on Instagram. 

Besides managing her own poetry page @soulresounds and her writing community @vaguesoulsunite, SaRah also participates in various online writing contests.

Her achievements till date include 

‘The Queen’ award by @theeagleeyenetwork 

‘The Literary Awards 2021’ by Talent Hunt Awards (A Scribbling Inner Voice Unit)

Winner of the title ‘Best Entry’ and ‘Best Story Teller’ as part of the Literature Festival Anthology – Lavenders – Ambrosia Oeuvre @magazineunicorn

‘Golden Arc Awards’ by @awardarc 

‘Fame In Frame’ & ‘The Champions’ award by @priyaswisdompublication

Featured as the ‘Crown Jewel’ @gradezacaver for her contribution to the writing community. 

She is also the co-author of more than 10 anthologies and is currently working on writing a short novel.

Rajani Nair

A polyglot Malayali, born in Mumbai, Rajani Nair, had aspired to join the IAF and cleared MY SSB (Flying Branch) interview. With over 18 years of work experience in Training, Quality, Operations and Customer Service, she currently teaches at Global Indian International School, Kuala Lumpur and is the ‘HoD-English & SSC (Std 3 to 5)’. A ‘Poet by Chance’ is now a ‘Poet by Choice’.

She is proud of her 3 books – collections of my own poems – ‘A BOUQUET OF EMOTIONS’, ‘THE ‘DARSHAN’FLY EFFECT’ and ‘INCANDECENT ARDOR’. She has also contributed to a number of anthologies.

We expect more brilliant works from these wonderful literary personalities. They will certainly continue to inspire the readers in the time to come.