“Tere Siva” by ace singer, composer, and writer Shahzeb Tejani proves why he deserves all the love from music lovers.

Tere Siva is a Shahzeb Tejani composition that has been gaining a lot of buzz and is already earning much love and admiration from listeners.

There are a few people across the world who only focus on getting the “number game” high in their respective sectors, without really focusing on whether they are even giving it their all in order to reach their highest potential or becoming their best versions in all that they do in their niches. However, there are also people who never miss an opportunity and instead create newer ones to be and do their best not with the intention of gaining massive success but to go beyond their own expectations and do work that can speak for them. Shahzeb Tejani very effortlessly sits in the latter category as a singer, composer, and writer with a line of hit music tracks to his name, which now includes the latest

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Shahzeb Tejani’s Tere Siva is a mesmerizing track by this young music artist, a romantic track with beats and rhythm that can make people groove instantly; such is the heart with which he has made this song, keeping in mind how effortlessly he can reach the hearts of the listeners with the music and lyrics and of course his excellence in singing. Shahzeb Tejani highlights that Tere Siva is a melodious song complemented by a heartfelt music video that can make audiences feel compelled to keep watching the same.

Tere Siva by Shahzeb Tejani has been doing so well on YouTube currently, where gradually, it has been gaining a lot of views and also positive comments. People are absolutely loving the new track, thanks to the euphonic sound of this incredible young singer Shahzeb Tejani and his composition with lyrics by Soham Majumdar. 

On Spotify and many other major streaming sites, Shahzeb Tejani as a singer and music artist, has done immensely well, winning the hearts of listeners and music lovers and leaving them craving for more; such is the excellence he has gained in the industry as a true-blue music artist. And, now with Tere Siva, Shahzeb Tejani (@shahzebtejani) is winning even more hearts and wants to continue doing that with many other upcoming tracks of his in the coming years.