The Annual Day of Dudes and Dolls World ascertains the link between ‘Questions and Child Development’

The Dudes and Dolls World successfully concluded The Annual Day 2022 on 12th March 2022.   

New Delhi/ 15 March 2022: Based in New Delhi NCR (Faridabad), Known for its innovative and path-breaking Child Development approach. The school curated the Annual Day Function to focus all the stakeholders such as parents, students, and teachers on the structural elements that need to be strengthened at the early childhood education level.

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The Dudes & Dolls World is a pioneer in early childhood education and it is the only early childhood education school that has a Bespoke 360-degree Child Development program. The school focuses on nurturing the “Inquisitiveness” of the children by allowing them to first ask questions through the practical experiences that they go through in the school followed by helping children answer the questions through its strong developmental curriculum.

According to Ms. Shachi Bhardwaj, Principal – Dudes and Dolls World, “Annual Day is a special day for us, we look forward to the Annual day each year and pandemic was hard on the children of 0-5 years age group but we still celebrated Annual Day using a virtual environment and this time as we got the opportunity to celebrate it within the school, we grabbed it with both with the full support of the management, our team and parents, we were able to take our children through a memorable experience”  

During the Annual Day Function, students showcased their Talent and highlighted the role of “Questions” in their life through a “play”. They showcased how their one question can help answer the other question provided someone encourages the ability to ask questions.

According to Mr. Ritesh Rawal, Founder of Dudes & Dolls World, “I have conceptualized the curriculum, created the physical set up in such a way so that as a school we can fundamentally help children to “Explore” their world and that can only happen when we look at the root and nurture inquisitiveness. To make a child inquisitive one has to observe,  and  facilitate the child’s development in such a way so that they can be comfortable in asking questions, and as child development experts our team provides the answers to all the questions by not just answering straight away but by facilitating the process with the help of a child development program and I am happy to share that we have very able and equipped team members to do that and Annual day was evidence of our philosophy and approach towards innovation, I would like to congratulate all the parents and my team members for its success ”

The pandemic was the most challenging time for the children in the early childhood age group and during this time also Dudes & Dolls World was successfully able to implement the development program and it is all set to continue nurturing the students who moved to the new classes and its ready to welcome the new students and parents who are getting ready to start a new chapter of their life.