The countdown for Mr Miss. & Mrs Tamizhagam 2022 has begun! Get ready for the magnum opus!

What started as a spark is now an unstoppable fire. Indian Media Works is the brainchild of Mr G. John Amalan. IMW is a nationally registered company and is one of the Media & Entertainment industry leaders in Tamil Nadu. The group’s core strengths are Media Relations, Branding, Social Media Marketing, Concept Visualization, Award Shows, Fashion Shows and Events, Social and Corporate Events, Exhibitions, Unique Photography & Videography.

Beauty with a purpose is passé. Beauty for a cause is what Indian Media Works (IMW) has succeeded in achieving with every show, which is nothing short of glitz and glamour. Models come to IMW, and under their umbrella, they go through a metamorphosis and become role models!

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Motivated by the success of their debut event, Mr Miss. & Mrs Tamizhagam 2021, IMW is back inviting aspirants to enrol for the bigger and better 2022 edition of the beauty with a cause Mr Miss. & Mrs Tamizhagam. The doors of the auditions are wide open Single and married men, women and members of the transgender community who are between the age of 18 and 45 can audition at Chennai or Coimbatore. Interested candidates will have to undergo a ramp walk and talent expression rounds of audition. The contestants for the grand finale will be hand-picked by the esteemed jury, including fashion designer and influencer Mrs Aparna Sunku, Actress Abhinaya, Mr Fashion World International 2021 Mr Dhanasekar, Actress Ms Rethika and Mrs India Earth 2018 Mrs Rinky Shah. 

The purpose of a Beauty Pageant is to rediscover one’s personality, strengths and weaknesses as a person, gain confidence, and raise their self-esteem to stand out and prove how much it is possible to have beauty and brains. Through Mr Miss. & Mrs Tamizhagam 2022, we are hoping to achieve just this. This Pageant is a glamorous competition that focuses on judging the physical attributes of the contestants – but also incorporates a ranking of personality, intelligence, talent and their ability to confidently answer pressing interview questions on different subjects from the judges’ panel.

Mrs Tamizhagam 2022 is a golden opportunity for gorgeous and talented MARRIED women to bring out their uniqueness. The platform’s purpose is to celebrate the true essence of being a woman, appreciate their inner and outer beauty and acknowledge their unique qualities. 

Women in our society often, under various circumstances, sacrifice their dreams and desires in life. Unfortunately, marriage is also considered as one of the reasons. Therefore, Mrs Tamizhagam offers a new pathway for married women to prove their capability and create independent identities.

IMW is open to sponsors who wish to support Mr Miss. & Mrs Tamizhagam 2022, which is a beauty contest with a cause. 

Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 crisis, IMW has taken the initiative towards contributing to PM CARES FUND through Indian Foundation for children orphaned by the pandemic for their health, well being and education. 

As we feel duty-bound to respect and give back to the families of Army Jawans who had lost their lives at the borders, fighting to protect the nation – the fund raised will also be contributed towards supporting their families financially or in-kind by Indian Foundation. 

A significant portion of the funds will also be contributed to the Women’s League Foundation by the Indian Women’s Foundation to empower women and children in education, health, skill development, and employment generation in the future.

The countdown has begun. If you want to join the bandwagon of participants, register for the auditions at

For information call 96001 00155, 86084 45122 or 90033 69864. For branding and sponsorship, call 99525 92777. The Coimbatore league of the auditions for Mr., Mrs. & Miss Tamizhagam 2022 will be hosted at Hotel Vijay Elanza, Coimbatore, on the 25th of December 2021 between 4 pm and 8 pm.