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Millions of new brands are getting launched every day. The challenge is to find ways to accentuate your brand amidst the thickets of these brands and businesses. The most effective solution to this problem is digital marketing. Everything now is becoming digitalized, even the very article you are reading right now. So, it is only logical to want to be heard on this platform rather than on big billboards. An online presence is of utter importance for any brand today. It is a difficult process to build your business and its brand image simultaneously, and this is where Digital Monastery Technologies, a pioneer in digital marketing, steps in.

“Creating a brand is your work, but building it is ours,” said Arun Raghavan and Shishir Surendran, the energetic and enthusiastic entrepreneurs who founded Digital Monastery Technologies, one of the leading digital marketing agencies, a few years back.

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Along with setups in Kerala, they also have an office in Dubai under the name Decimal Technologies. DMT 360, as the name suggests, provides a 360-degree solution by designing all-encompassing marketing and brand development plans that ensure to benefit your company and help you grow.  A true all-rounder, DMT works with you to build your brand from wherever it stands. They are much more than a digital agency; they are your guide in the digital world ready to go out of the way to help you. They help you with everything you need to succeed in the digital world, right from helping you with product design, curating a content strategy that fits the identity of your Brand, the crucial SEO optimization for your website to rank higher on searches and for your business to get noticed, lead generation, social media management, attracting the audience and keeping them engaged, to performance marketing.

 DMT360 has penetrated and created a place for itself in a wide range of sectors like the real estate industry, healthcare & wellness, insurance, and banking. The company specializes in developing high-performance campaigns for banks, major real-estate brokers, and educational institutions in the Indian and Middle East markets. Additionally, they cater to small and medium businesses, and their niche is catering to SMEs. They always hit the target when it comes to lead generation, generating a mammoth amount, and are experts at performance marketing. Their competence speaks for themselves in examples like scaling up a leading car insurance sales from a measly 17 lacs to 1 crore in just 4-5 months etc.

The team of DMT 360 consists of professionals who are intrinsically creative with their ideas, immensely trusted by their existing customers, highly valued, and Strategic. DMT assists you to establish a philosophy of trust in your brand and helping potential customers believe in you. The company guides you through by devising end-to-end solutions. They have worked with a lot of big names, so you can completely trust DMT with your brand.

Customer-centric to the core, DMT looks into your ideas, helps you streamline them, and works towards turning your brand into a success story. So, if you are on the lookout, approach them with your brand and wait for their magic to unfold.

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