The Eagle Eye Network Awardees announced

The Eagle Eye Network Season 1 of awards was a smash hit and saw head inspiring personalities from various fields getting honoured for their significant contributions.

In collaboration with Digital Golgappa, The Eagle Eye Network awarded the following talented personalities:

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Shreya Dubey – Remarkably Talented Contemporary Poet

Suryansh Talwar – Remarkably Talented Author with Multiple Achievements, also the Winner of The Public’s Hero Event

Sarabjit Chowdhury – Remarkably Talented Author with Multiple Achievements

Sunayana Kayastha – Remarkably Talented and Award-winning Writer

Shireen Sultana – Author currently grabbing the title of “Kolkata’s Youngest Novelist”, advocate in making, former Best Speaker – Times of India, Anchor

Surabhi Naik – Author, Artist, a true Multi-talented Personality

Pooja Pandey – Social Worker, Poet, Trendsetter

Vaishali Chhabra – Multicolour Artist

Tanya Saifi – Model, Aspiring Actor

Ubbay Francis – the most talented person in Mumbai

Padmaja Bharti – Author, fashion designer from NIFT, bestselling poet

Suhana Khan – Influencer, Dancer, Content Creators

Erick Mitra – Artist and Model

Mimi Bhattacharjee – Researcher and Fashion Enthusiast

The Eagle Eye Network and Digital Golgappa congratulate all awardees and hope that all of them continue to inspire millions.