The entrepreneur started a unique Startup with his wife after losing his job in the COVID-19 pandemic

After losing his job in Covid-19, Bhopal’s (Madhya Pradesh) young entrepreneur Mr. Mayur Mali has started a unique startup, together with his wife Neha Mali, which is a good startup in the healthcare segment.

Mayur Mali is also the CEO of the company and due to the unique concept of his idea, his IDEA has been Incubated IIIT-Kottayam (Kerala).

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WHAT problem RDM trying to solve

RDM is a technology driven company, working on SaaS (Software as a Service) & Mobile App (Application) based model for creating a technology platform to make Smart Health-tech ecosystem.RDM goal is to save lives by helping people get an ambulance in the shortest possible time at lowest cost that they’re able to negotiate and are comfortable. Just like how easy it to get a cab or order food so should be getting an Ambulance when in need of any kind of medical transport.

RDM provides instant platform to connect patient with nearest Ambulance, Hospitals, Air-Ambulance or blood at anytime and anywhere without any restrictions.