The first musical artist from Bihar to release NFTs and musical NFTs.

Tuset Dwiz is a Singer/Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist, music producer, and Indian classical vocalist. He is an Electrical Engineer who graduated from Galgotias college in 2020. He is now pursuing his dream of becoming a musician by learning vocal music from the Faculty of music and fine arts, Delhi University. He has released his debut track, “Bemisal,” on 10th February, streaming worldwide on all major platforms. He is the first musical Artist from Bihar to release NFTs and Music NFTs. Collectors can purchase NFTs on the WazirxNFT website.

He has created his album art and visualizer with the help of two artists 1. Udit and 2. Prabir helped him in the NFTs also. There are four NFTs, of which one is ALBUM COVER NFT, and Three are MUSIC NFTs. Music NFT contains the soft, exclusive music from the main song Bemisal.

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About Bemisal

BEMISAL the song is derived from struggles and pain. The struggle and pain of choosing the road less traveled. Tuset’s family comprises scholars, and naturally, like a child of any scholar parent, he too was asked to stop his music. “Bemisal” is about the fight that he had, the fight that every kid has to fight daily to reassure his position in the world and shout that “Yes, I AM Extraordinary, and my journey isn’t anything less than extraordinary too.” To compete with the world, to leave your mark upon it, you have to believe in yourself become Bemisal. As a fundraised project, this song has left its mark on people who helped with funds and people who have inspired Tuset. The heavy vibe you’ll hear in the track comes from Hip-Hop inspired ideas and influences of orchestral music.

Why did Tuset choose to go into NFT?

Album art is an integral part of a song. We get a short idea of how the music will be by looking at the album art. Sadly, the album cover artist rarely gets appreciated for it. With this NFT, Tuset wants to contribute his share to the community of album cover artists and illustrators and give value to their well-deserved talent. Just like his music, Tuset believes in introducing newness in his life. Along with releasing “Bemisal” on all major streaming platforms, he is also releasing his album cover art as NFTs. It is the first time a musician from Bihar is doing this, and it makes feeling altogether prouder.


The idea to bring this NFT into BIHAR is that there is not a single NFT artist from Bihar, and also, people do not know what an NFT is, so to make people of this NFT thing, Tuset decided to release and spread this NFT into Bihar media scene. And his efforts are appreciable, as recommended by many legendary artists.

It will be a unique and outstanding effort delivered by a bit of town guy. One must go through their performance delivered and get to know something entertaining in its way. Now, let us get tuned with the musical tune of Bemisal.