The Hidden Gem of Dehradun—Shubh Sahota : Star In Making

Shubh Sahota was born in Devbhoomi,Uttarakhand. Born in the beautiful valley surrounded by nature and beauty his work has the reflection of the beauty that surrounds him.

Shubh enjoys music so much that his work is never exhausting, it relaxes him instead. A trained classical singer, Shubh is now an established Music Composer and a Sound Engineer too. He will leave your heart pounding with his rocking live performances on stage.He also runs his own state-of-the-art fully integrated sound studio named “Plunex Studio.” His thorough dedication to the art and honest hard work is reflected in his technical expertise and a wholesome vision. He has been generating amazing music over a period of 10 years now and is continuing to do so.

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Shubh has composed some very popular tracks with beautiful videos over the years. He has worked in different genres, widening the spectrum of his work for his clients and his own production house.

His recent work “Choti Choti Gallan” released on 12th November 2021 under the label of T-Series will be a milestone in the Uttarakhand Music and Entertainment Industry. The song has one of the well known Actresses of the Punjabi Music Industry, Rumman Ahmed alongside her will be Shubh acting his own way to give the song a Magical Touch.

The song is written & composed also by Shubh only.The song is directed by Siddhartha Sharma and Sammy and is produced by Ajay Dhaundiyal and Raghuveer Singh.

The song is produced under the banner of Plunex Production a well known music and film production house of Uttarakhand which is committed to give the talent of Uttarakhand a prominent platform to shine and show their work to everyone in India and in the World as well.

In this series Plunex has launched their Youtube Channel, “Plunex Apna Pahad”, which focuses on the upliftment of “Pahadi Tradition and Arts”, their second channel “Plunex Bhakti” to Divine Bhajans and third channel “Plunex Originals” where artists can put up their Self-Composed songs.

As it is well said that one destination should not be the stop to your imagination, Shubh is currently working on numerous upcoming projects of different genres and is in constant work mode, he never really stops. He wants to bring out the best he has and show his true talent to everyone.

Uttarakhand has a huge amount of potential and talent that needs to be discovered, Plunex Production wants such talent to shine and show everyone their true potential. It aims to give Artists a feel of Big Music Production Houses of various parts of India in Uttarakhand itself and is constantly working on improvisations.

Shubh’s previous song “Mera Mahi” was also loved and appreciated by everyone. It was released under the banner of Zee Music Company and was also shot in Uttarakhand amidst the beautiful snow covered mountains. It depicts how a person having no ideas and concepts visits Uttarakhand and gets mesmerised by the Natural Beauty of Uttarakhand’s mountains and rivers and his imagination gets wide awake and he starts getting ideas.

Shubh lives by the motto of “Never Giving Up” and “Never Stop Believing”.