The highly talented model Divya Kanchan is truly commendable

Divya Kanchan is living her dream with modelling and educating underprivileged kids. She has been seen in various Fashion shows, Ramp walks and print shoots for designers. When it comes to gorgeous saree shoots and print shoots for designers, Divya is a well-known name. Her lovely features and traditional Indian demeanour make her the ideal model for Indian designers’ print and bridal pictures. Her fashion shows have been notable, but the model prefers photoshoots because she feels more at ease in front of the camera. The stunning beauty is recognised for her out-of-this-world smile and expressive eyes. Her golden hair and flawless form make her a natural in front of the camera. The model is always spotted carrying her tiara up, she is always confident which is seen through her posture. Her head is always held high which is a strong sign of determination and a free spirit.

Key Moments in her Modelling Career:

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  • Print shoots for many leading fashion brands and eminent designers
  • Saree modelling for the leading designer Parag Surat  
  • Bridal photo shoots and print ad campaign with emerging fashion brands
  • Modelled in many Fashion Shows and Ramp Walks

“Kindness is free to give but priceless to receive” The super talented model Divya Kanchan is following up to these words and doing her utmost best to provide free education to unprivileged children under the name Education Emblem. Her work is truly commendable, as every kid living around reaches up to her for their education. She takes a minimum fee of Rs. 100 to provide them some refreshments during their studies. That much amount of money is not sufficient to run that mass campaign so she uses her own money to fund that. Her father is a very respected Chartered Accountant who helps her to fulfil her vision. Now she wants to expand her dream and make education free by launching her teaching videos on You tube.

The highly talented model Divya Kanchan is truly commendable

In schools, those kids are not paid much attention due to several factors such as, due to a lack of resources such as reading materials, uniforms, and adequate nourishment, underprivileged kids may have unfinished homework or tasks. Educators face a challenge in assisting students in achieving optimal learning, which includes conceptual understanding and the ability to apply information to learning. Teachers are not adapting their teaching methods to the diverse learning styles of their students. This leads to poor teaching quality when teachers have bad attitudes.

Many alternatives exist to combat negative attitudes toward students, such as adding technology into the curriculum to raise kids’ enthusiasm to learn and improve their grades and talents. Negative attitudes impede kids with limited comprehension abilities. A student may dislike school or the subject if he feels undervalued and loathed by the teacher. Varied students have different ways of studying certain subjects; for example, some kids have poor recall and require a teacher to repeatedly repeating things until they understand. If a teacher bullies a student like this, he or she may become sad and lose interest in the topic, resulting in bad grades.

The highly talented model Divya Kanchan is truly commendable

But Divya did not wait for government or some NGOs to take action for those. She held herself strong and become a one-woman army. Her initiative has changed so many lives. As we know children are our future generation and to make India educated and developed, we need to focus on educating our youth. Due to the covid Outbreak she is taking Classes online on meeting platforms with 20-25 kids per batch. The main motive is to have focus on every individual and help intellectual development and mindset improvement. Divya is doing everything with her whole heart therefore the results from her teachings are phenomenal.

The model is eagerly anticipating to bag eminent roles in music videos and advertisements. Also, her You tube channel should reach thousands of students who are in need for quality education. Her dream is to make education widely accessible to everyone, and for this everyone of us have to help her fulfil that dream by spreading this word all around.