The Importance of Ancient Scriptures by Indian Mythological Writer Nilesh Kumar Agarwal

No matter how hard an unrighteous man tries, he will never be able to erase the knowledge and truth of God contained in our ancient scriptures. Knowledge of these ancient texts will continue to reach people through one person or another throughout history. For years, many foreign invaders tried to erase and change our scriptures for years, but failed in it, as written in the Hindu religion. “Truth can neither be changed nor erased.”

You will be surprised to know that only in Hinduism is detailed information about the universe available. Hinduism is the only religion in which a description of ancient civilization and culture is found. It is only through the Hindu religion that human beings can understand that all possibilities in the world have originated from India, and on the basis of this, more facts will continue to emerge. Hundreds of invaluable ancient scriptures exist only in the Hindu religion of India, on the basis of which human has received information about the duties and objectives of the universe and all human life, and will continue to do so.

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If you read these scriptures, then factual information has been made available in them about every mystery of the universe and the Sun. How surprising that the book, which is more than ten thousand years old, already contains all the information about the Earth from being round to the rotation of the Sun. It is clear that these ancient texts have been created by some divine power, otherwise how else would we know these things, like what is the distance between the Sun and the Moon? One hundred and eight times the diameter relative to the distance, causing the Sun and Moon to appear the same size from Earth; otherwise, describing all such things would be impossible. Western science has made many discoveries in its own ways on the basis of these ancient texts of ours. There are many such types of information in our Indian scriptures and Puranas, which are still a mystery to Western science.

Puranas means history. Be it “Mahabharata” or “Ramayana” or “Bhagwat Geeta’. All these were built many thousands of years ago, the facts of which are still found on the soil of India. They contain spiritual as well as detailed information about race, caste, democracy, and the geographical location of India, and different types of wars and martial arts. Foreign religions knew only five hundred years ago that the Earth revolved around the Sun. whereas the earth is said to revolve around the sun in our Puranas ten thousand years ago. Western scientists themselves have admitted that it is through Indian knowledge and science that they have made tremendous progress during the last few years.

Even today, leftist historians and foreigners consider great texts like Ramayana and Mahabharata to be only stories. Even after getting the evidence of the Ramayana and Mahabharata period, he is afraid to accept that, many texts like Ramayana and Mahabharata are not only a treasure trove of knowledge for us but also show a transparent and clear history of Hinduism. All the information about the creation and expansion of the universe is present in the Puranas and glimpses of our culture are also visible in them. Even the theory of the ‘Big Bang’ has been described in our Puranas. It is also written in Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran that ‘the universe is not just one or two, but innumerable’. In foreign religions, the earth is said to be only six and a half thousand years old. According to him, it has been only six and a half thousand years since the Earth was formed. Foreign religions could not see beyond this earth, because they had no knowledge of it. Sanatan Dharma, on the other hand, discusses the secrets of the entire earth as well as the entire universe.

It is a matter of great sadness that, due to influence of western culture, an Indian man is getting away from the knowledge of his own Puranas and culture. I will keep telling people about the greatness of Indian civilization and ancient scriptures till the last breath of my life.