The Inspiring Journey of Mr. Chaiwalah: From a Pop-Up Cart to an International Tea Sensation

Mr. Faisal Yousaf, fondly known as Mr. Chaiwalah, is the visionary behind “THE CHAI WALAH,” a charming beverage cart nestled near the Alappuzha lighthouse. Since its inception in late 2018, this unique establishment has been redefining the tea experience with its diverse selection of 50 freshly brewed, natural artisanal teas. This article delves into the remarkable story of Mr. Chaiwalah and his journey from a humble cart to a thriving international enterprise.


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From its modest beginnings, THE CHAI WALAH has witnessed extraordinary growth. Today, it boasts an impressive network of over 100 outlets, serving over a million cups of tea monthly. This phenomenal success stands as a testament to Mr. Chaiwalah’s unwavering dedication, unbridled passion, and his ability to envision something extraordinary in the ordinary.

Expanding Horizons

The success story of THE CHAI WALAH is not confined to the shores of India. With business flourishing in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka, Mr. Chaiwalah took a bold step by venturing into international markets, opening a branch in the UAE. The warm reception in the global market affirmed the universal appeal of THE CHAI WALAH’s offerings.

A Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, THE CHAI WALAH envisions establishing its presence in Jammu & Kashmir, Telangana, and Maharashtra. The goal is to revolutionize the street tea experience, offering high-quality chai at affordable prices while upholding impeccable standards of hygiene and quality.

The Inspiring Journey of Mr. Chaiwalah: From a Pop-Up Cart to an International Tea Sensation

Empowering Entrepreneurs

Mr. Chaiwalah’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurship is exemplified by his franchise initiative. This initiative not only creates job opportunities but also nurtures local businesses, providing a ray of hope for young entrepreneurs in their respective communities.

“Small Things with Great Love”

In a candid interview, Mr. Chaiwalah emphasized the importance of approaching tasks with love and dedication. He believes that success is an organic byproduct of genuine passion and commitment, rather than something to be relentlessly pursued.

A Commitment to Sustainability

One of the standout features of THE CHAI WALAH’s business model is its unwavering commitment to the entire supply chain. Prioritizing fair trade and sustainability, the company directly sources tea leaves from farmers. This not only ensures a premium product but also supports fair wages and ethical farming practices, benefiting both the company and the farming community.

The story of Mr. Chaiwalah is a testament to the power of dreams, dedication, and unwavering passion. From a small tea cart, he has crafted an international sensation that brings joy to tea enthusiasts across borders. Through his commitment to quality, sustainability, and community empowerment, Mr. Chaiwalah has not only built a thriving business but also a legacy that inspires aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide. THE CHAI WALAH stands as a beacon of hope, proving that with love and determination, even the simplest of dreams can be turned into extraordinary realities.