The journey of a simple village boy to a renowned fitness trainer – Ankit Kumar Lodhi

We all have heard many rags to riches stories, but whatever this person has achieved is truly commendable. A certified fitness trainer, Ankit Kumar Lodhi has dedicated his life to the well-being of society. Coming from a very small village, Amravat Kalan situated in the “City of Lakes”, Bhopal, he dreamt of being successful in his life. But, his village like so many other villages in India didn’t have the best of resources which was the reason why he decided to venture out of the place to pursue his dreams. It is rightly said that if you are determined enough, nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams. His passion for fitness and nutrition led him to move to Pune, where he worked extremely hard and became a certified personal trainer and nutritionist.

At this stage of his life, Ankit doesn’t need any kind of introduction after what he has achieved. He is the man behind many success stories. He is the man who has helped many celebrities in maintaining a good physique. In a world where people just think about themselves, Ankit is dedicated to society and helping the people in the best possible way through his knowledge and empowering others. He has motivated thousands of youth to remain fit and healthy. Ankit continues to inspire people in their journey and is now a hero for many of them. It’s an outcome that only a few could have imagined, but the hard work, dedication, and perseverance for his goals earned him recognition.

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However, this journey wasn’t easy for him. He had to go through a lot of hindrances and struggles on his path to becoming successful. Years before he started his journey, there were many sleepless nights, even sometimes in a homeless shelter. A series of encounters got him off the street. At times, he was on the threshold of giving up. But one thing which didn’t let him give up was the promise that he had made to himself of not giving up. No matter what happened, Ankit faced all the challenges bravely and this led him to become one of the most demanding fitness trainers in the country. Ankit says that each time he came across any tough situation, it molded him to be stronger and determined than before. It taught him how to take care of himself and that he could live through any situation, even if it meant going to a shelter for a small stint.

After completing his fitness training in Pune, he returned to his hometown, Bhopal, and is now managing many fitness training institutes in the city. He is also very popular among the youth.

Ankit’s devotion towards his profession is very rare and what is lagging in today’s generation. Ankit’s journey towards success provides the young generation a powerful message that the journey to success starts with you and completely depends on you. It is you who has to decide what you want from life- an aimless life where you just go with the flow of life or with a purpose in it.

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