The Middle Class & NGO Banker : Collabgenics.

Colab Capital took a Huge success in Equity & Mutual fund Analysis. Now they have started working with a new Project to help out NGOs in making the fundraising. They work with an innovative concept and help the NGO to utilise the funds. Collabgenics has been associated with more than 10 NGOs and has a target of 100 NGOs by the end of 2022. Collabgenics uses advanced technology with the help of SmartVibes IT solutions. It is also in a plan to create a social platform exclusive for NGOs. Soon after working in a team with their own NGO, SeedIT, they realized how it’s defunct for them to raise and utilise the funds for an NGO. 

Collabgenics gives a wide range of banking management services to individuals, start-ups, and NGOs. Their main focus is NGO in the benefits of banking Management. 

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“When I went to the NGO for the first time, people were very supportive. As time passed, it became difficult to make people understand that I’m supporting the Financials and working to better the live hood. It became really important to make them believe in my work and to treat both Collabgenics and Me equally,” BBS Reddy.

Serving the cause

One of the key issues in the NGO & Trusts is the under exploitation of idle money. They usually keep in banks for a lower interest rate if they have excess cash. They also have a corner situation to raise funds when they are in need. 

We at Collabgenics help them gain a higher interest rate and an easy way to raise funds. We make sure that we will be giving 100% to them without any trouble.

Collabgenics is a leading professional services company that provides a broad range of services and solutions in Finance, strategy, consulting, digital, technology, and operations. Combining unmatched experience and specialized skills across more than 25 industries and all business functions, Collabgenics works at the intersection of business and technology to help clients improve their performance and create sustainable value for their stakeholders. With over 500 people serving clients in over five countries, Collabgenics drives innovation to improve how the world works and lives. 

Collab capital is a product of Collabgenics, which mainly deals in Handling the money of an individual. As we aim is to make everyone free from financial pressure life & make their lives Happy.  

In collab capital, the public can look at all the stocks listed in the stock market & with the mutual funds available in the market. It provides the complete data from the fundamental analysis to technical analysis. It gives the investors the risk profile to analyse their risk & leverage to the market and strength towards the earnings from the market. It also provides a unique service; the user needs to upload their portfolio in the prescribed format & the team will examine the portfolio and give the right suggestions for the changes that need to be done in the portfolio. 

Collabgenics also majorly focus on transaction advisory & Tax plannings. It has almost covered 10+ countries in advising the transactions to be done. 

“What matters is the capabilities we bring to the market, the investments we make to be a trusted advisor to customers, and how we take our people along”

Collabgenics is the most loved financial & Management service on Google. 

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