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Love! Intrigue! Devotion! Compassion! Charm! Wit! Humility! – Yes, you name it and Tanu Grover has it! Sometimes we can detect a halo too! Yes, a bright golden halo encircling her dainty head. And the radiance of love which shines from within her generous soul illuminates her face with such a heavenly glow that we are tempted to call this beautiful damsel the Goddess of Divine Love. Even in this era of rapid attractions and physical love, this incredibly romantic authoress and poetess still believes in the old-fashioned yet the most paramount kind of mental, spiritual and the forever kind of fairytale love which not only gives you the jitters, makes your heart thump madly and lets butterflies flutter uncontrollably in your tummy, but also gives you innate nourishment, mental contentment, spiritual bliss and eternal togetherness. And wonder of all wonders, she will make you believe in the same too!

An ardent worshipper of Lord Krishna and his beloved consort, Goddess Radha, Tanu says that every person in this world has a soul mate who travels with him from birth to birth and that love which they share is a love like no other – full of friendship, care, trust, acceptance and understanding. She discloses that the cardinal sign of having found a true soulmate is that you will feel as if you two have forever been the best of friends and baring your heart to each other will come naturally to you. There will be an instant connection at a higher plane and the heart, body and soul will be flooded with such intense energy and rapture that both of you will be completed emotionally, spiritually and intellectually. However, she laments that there may be a physical separation as parting will always be a mandatory part of the soulmate journey, simply to meet each other again with full realization of their never-ending love for each other.

On being asked why her works are also shadowed by the excruciating agony of separation, betrayal and abandonment, she says that true love can never be realized unless and until the soul burns in torment – the torment of separation from the beloved, the torment of longing for the lover’s company, the torment of receiving hatred from one’s sweetheart in spite of showering only love on him and last but not least, the torment of society’s moralistic ideologies which forever spite true lovers. It is only after facing all these trials that the soul gets enlightened and fathoms its own true feelings – the feelings of unending love and empathy for one’s lover in spite of all the criticism, plights and predicaments. To prove her point, she states the example of Barbara, the heroine from her novel, Could Love Be Forever? who literally jumps into the well of fire in order to prove her love and emerges out unharmed along with her lover from whom she had earlier separated. True love always wins, she remarks blithely.The human soul, according to her perspective, is forever in the pursuit of that happiness and love which only one’s soul mate can provide and she aspires to fulfill that basic need of every soul through the teachings in her heartwarming writings. Having become the symbol of love in just a short while, this contemporary romance writer will truly efface all your woes and saturate your life with the power of divine love. Her words will help you overcome all the stumbling blocks and enjoy a prosperous life full of profound faith, soul-satisfying love and pulse-pounding romance. And it’s one hundred percent true that the energy of ethereal love and wisdom which emanates from her words totally enchants the readers and makes them rejoice in a dance of divine love and ecstasy. So what are you waiting for? Just grab her books and cuddle up with a steaming cup of cappuccino to keep you warm. You might feel the throes of passion soon.

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