The Phenomenal Aura of Lab Grown Diamonds with Syndiora

Buying a diamond is one of life’s most memorable experiences since it frequently symbolizes an exciting life event or a wonderful manifestation of self-love. But with diamond, comes the apprehensions about it being sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical. Sustainability being the need of the hour, millennials are eying on the alternatives.

There is no denying we live in a progressive society where alternative resource development is prioritized. And the diamond industry has embraced and invested in this movement of sustainability. In the same way that eco-friendly alternatives have gained popularity in the areas of fashion, cosmetics, lifestyle, and transportation, lab-grown diamonds from India are starting to gain traction in the jewellery industry. Modern, cutting-edge technology allows us to create diamonds without adding to these detrimental effects. 

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In every regard, lab-grown diamonds are identical to natural diamonds, except for the manufacturing process. Instead of being extracted from the ground, it is grown in a lab from a carbon seed. The lab-grown method produces the diamond with far less water and energy.  

Millennials are adopting lab-grown diamonds from India at an increasing rate worldwide, making a stance for ethical processes in the process. Closer home, several homegrown jewellery brands are amplifying this replacement.  And one such brand is Syndiora. 

Founded by Ms Ankita Gupta, Syndiora is a lab-grown diamond jewellery brand that is taking the market by storm. Let’s take a detailed look at everything that makes Syndiora unique, and how a journey that started with a great vision became the most beloved brand of its customers.

As a brand that takes pride in being forward-thinking, Syndiora has experienced an increase in popularity and demand in recent years.  The perfect culmination of handcrafting techniques, LGDs, patterns and settings, & craftsmanship in a jewellery piece are those treasures which are at the heart of Syndiora. Basically, it is about every little aspect that makes a piece of jewellery a treasure to behold.

Ms Ankita Gupta says that the brand that Syndiora is known for today is all because of her Late father who supported her through every thick and thin. He has been a support pillar to her when it was needed the most. Due to her commitment and fortitude, the brand has recently received a very prestigious award – the Global excellence award.

Syndiora’s lab-grown diamond jewellery is the finest significant alternative for you when you want to own diamonds without making a dent in your pocket and want to embrace a sustainable way of living. Also, don’t you worry, these lab-created diamond pieces of jewellery are sturdy enough that you can pass them on to the next generation.