The Pride of t20 Cricket by Author Abhishek Kapoor Book Review

“The Pride Of t20 Cricket” by Author Abhishek Kapoor is a cricket-based-comedy book that has been an international bestseller on several occasions.

It is an imaginary story of a highly controversial cricket coach who falls prey to the conspiracies of a wily umpire and loses his career. The ways in which he overcomes his difficulties in trying to re-establish himself in the cricketing world are portrayed in an exceptionally comical way. The characters that appear as players, and other characters are perfectly justified.

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Though the entire novel is a T20 Cricket and comedy centric, there are surprising elements for the readers. The romantic love story between Canada’s daughter Shefali and opposition team captain Zorawar runs parallel throughout the narrative of the story in a gripping way with a pinch of erotism. Shefali’s characterization as a modern girl and at the same time as dad’s princess is quite interesting to read and enjoy. The author described the pivotal role of the coach in making a victorious team is quite inspiring to read.

We don’t really recall the last time we were completely at ease while reading a book. The positivity and happiness which is reflected by the medium of this book and its characters goes on to show the innate characteristics of the author himself. We are sure he is a happy-go-lucky guy in life and is always inspired by the goodness of things. The author has tried to weave a simple, witty story but very often one sees a beautiful message which only those readers will grasp who are good at reading between the lines. However, this book is for everyone, whether you love cricket or not, whether you are young, old, a male or a female, we hope it appeals to all kinds of readers.

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