The Real Game-Changer of Thrill and Suspense ‘Criminal’ Releasing Worldwide

Catch in Theatres, The Most Wanted Criminals On Escape on 23rd September

20th September 2022 Beginning the carrier of his new production house, Big Daddy Films, the movie is spectacularly directed by Garinder Sidhu, slated to release on 23 September 2022. Also, with the release of this film, Humble Motion Pictures is going to foray into distribution. The movie is co-produced by Vinod Aswal and Bhana LA and co-written by Naveen Jethi and Sarabjit Khera. The trailer of the film and its first track has been shared and the film is increasingly buzzing with each passing day. The filmmaker, Gippy Grewal has shared the most exceptionally talented actors in the characters that undoubtedly well suited them respectively. In the trailer of the film, we are introduced to deadly criminals that only have NO MERCY in their dictionary. 

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The diabolical plotters deserve the well-noted introduction that will make your nights uncomfortable on September 23 by revealing the real game players in the movie. Prince Kanwaljit Singh, called “BHOORA,” plays the most dangerous and wanted criminal character in the movie. Although we may have seen him in a similar role before, he portrays a different psychotic killer in this one. a ruthless gangster who kills without mercy has no regard for human life and engages in random, open killings in order to satisfy personal desires.

The next criminal is Raghveer Boli, also known as “MASTER”—the master of his art, who has already demonstrated his ability to perfectly embody any role. This upcoming movie is only another illustration of his talent. In the movie, he portrays the role of “Master,” a criminal whose mere mention causes fear throughout the city and whose presence makes the city’s girls feel uneasy. Neeru Bajwa is his newest victim and will have to find impossible ways to escape.

Sanjeev Klair aka ‘KAPPA’- Another psychotic killer guilty of more than a dozen deaths and murder charges against him and murders people without fear who is now on the run from the prison whose fear is spread all over the city. ‘TUNNI’, the next wanted criminal played by Gurnavdeep Singh, is a vicious criminal thug who is accused of committing murders in broad daylight without any fear of being caught and being under any surveillance deals in killing people. Hrishabh Sharma is playing the role of Davinder Singh alias Demou in the film, who has been booked for murder under section 307 and has escaped from jail just as others playing the role of criminals to hide.

Get set to watch the real fear and terror on 23rd SEPTEMBER with CRIMINAL worldwide