The Reason “City Samosa” Started. Now turnover in lacks with 7 Franchise.

Our first business was the Tea shop business. Premacha Chaha was the name of that shop. We were having a master franchisee of the brand. We opened 65 outlets within one year. Due to covid, the tea business was drastically affected whole business was going down. So we thought to start snacks business with outlets for supporting existing business. Due to some issues, this idea got flopped. Then we tried finding a vendor to distribute samosa in our existing shop, but everyone said no. Then finally we decided to make our own samosa and supply it to our shops.

How did Journey Of City Samosa start?

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Initially, we started our city samosa only for wholesale business. We thought we would find 50 such restaurants/hotels that would take 50 to 100 samosa’s daily. In that way, our daily sales would be around 3-4 thousand. 

After that, we started our samosa factory. Every early morning around 5-6 am, we load our samosa’s an eco-car. We went around Mumbai and convinced hotels and restaurants to take our samosa. We also gave them samples for testing purposes. Some of the people directly said no, and some of them said we would see in the future, or some people said that they would think and call them and some were like, come tomorrow. Even after getting these negative comments, we never lost, and we still kept trying. 

After this challenge new problem comes into the picture. Our partner started complaining that samosas were getting cold. So we came up with a new idea. We gave brand new microwaves to our partner for free. After that, people started taking our samosa and also demand started increasing day by day. We also started supplying samosa 2 times a day. In this way, we started achieving our target of 3-4 thousand sales per day.

On the other side, in April 2021, the lockdown was imposed again. We had very little time to keep our shop open, but we had made the brand famous for taste and price in Thane city. On 22 March 2021, we started our city samosa factory, and till 15 April 2021, our counter sale crossed 2000 samosa per day. The craze of our samosa was in such like customer were ready to wait for 20 min for samosas. We were unable to understand from where customers are coming to have samosa. Customers were increasing daily, and sales were growing day by day.

 Now the big challenge was to decrease the waiting period for the customer. Our 14 staff and 4 owners also started working in our shop, but our customer had decided that they would lose us. Then, around 4000 quantity were getting sold from our counter.

  People coming from a very long distance started asking us to put a shop in their area. Then we thought we should start our franchise model. We started getting enquiries for our franchise. Then after 2 months, we started 1st branch in Manpada, Thane city. We got a very nice response from them. The enquiry also increased for our franchise and then our 2nd branch was in Waghbill (Thane), 3rd at Airoli (Navi Mumbai), 4th at teen petrol pump Thane, 5th at Mulund west, 6th at Thane station. Now, all the branches are doing well.

 Our vision

 Samosa is an Indian snack everyone wants to eat. But making samosa is a very heavy process. Due to this, the cost of samosa is high, and because of this, not everyone can afford it. So we have kept it nearly 10 to 12 rupees.

  We want to expand over India so that every Indian citizen can have our city samosa at a reasonable price.

  Because of that, we developed our factory outlet model. We gave our outlet franchise in every corner, village, and city of India. For more information, you can visit our website, or you can call us at 7304454574.

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