The Sibling Duo who are transforming their city into a superior spot!.

Check out the kind and humble works of this brother-sister, who have changed the lives of needy people for the better.

Sidhinath Dash (also known as Youtuber Siddy Dash) and his sister, Sagarika Dash, have been committed to bringing the heartwarming stories of hardworking vendors from around their city, Rourkela, to the limelight. As part of their continuous efforts and commitment towards serving society, they have frequently lent a helping hand to those in need and encouraged others to do the same.

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Blogger and YouTube sensation Siddy Dash and his sister are simple people with few words on their lips. However, their humble and sympathetic actions are far from being simple. The fact that everyone loves and appreciates them greatly proves this. Just when you think that they are full of kindness and love, you also realise that they are also full of laughter. Their comic timing is so extraordinarily on point. This instantly resonates with people and become a hit among audiences. Apart from the soul touching stories they bring to viewers, their fun-filled comedy videos are also a reason they keep going viral often.

One of their videos features Scooty wali Momo aunty, whose husband was killed. Her life struggle after that unfortunate incident touched the hearts of millions of people, support started pouring in from around and aboard. At one point, with in-law’s and other people turning their back towards her, she was left alone to fend for herself and her two little ones. She never imagined this sibling duo would one day share her journey with the world and encourage her in the best possible way. Today she successfully runs her Momo business and takes care of her children and their needs single-handedly- like a champion!

In yet another incident, Youtuber Siddy Dash captured and brought to light the life and struggle of Litti wali Mausi. She runs her street-side Litti business to support her family. He and his sister ensured their support to her in every way possible and actively encouraged others to do the same.

When we think about bloggers and influencers, we are introduced to that specific genre they are associated with, the one niche they cater to. On the other hand, with this talented sibling duo, you may find honest food reviews, humorous clips, exclusive videos, and so much more- all while meeting some truly inspiring people with heart touching life stories.

Recently one of their videos crossed a record 8.4 million views within a few days of uploading. People thoroughly enjoy the refreshing new content they bring to them every now and then. They have a deep connection and reach to their audience.  In an era where creating audience-friendly content is not easy, Siddy Dash and Sagarika Dash are making it their mission to do so. And they have very much Championed it!

The number of people who watch their content across social media platforms like their Facebook Page, Instagram Handle and Youtube Channel is Huge. The kind of love and respect they have earned to date and continue to earn is immense. 

In such a short time, they have set such a high benchmark. The Internet never forgets its greats. They are well-acknowledged and rewarded. And that is what exactly happened with Youtuber Siddy Dash and his sister, Sagarika. The love and respect they receive today is the reward for all the noble work they do.