The struggle of a changed name, which is denote Anand Aalgi

Anand Aalgi
Anand Aalgi

Anand Aalgi this is not as simple a name as you think it is because neither its parents nor family nor pandit ji has given this name, but this name was given by Janab himself because earlier his name was Anand Kumar Gupta but when this When he grew up a little, his life was not as simple as any other boy’s, but his life was playing with him in reverse. He did not understand anything, no matter what. Let’s say further, he was a little weak in his childhood in studies, but he groped something in himself.

He thought that now some business would be done and he would set up a mobile shop, but where was his luck going to leave him? He faced many losses in business; sometimes the reason for trembling hands was a bad mobile. He sometimes drowned money by taking agency in the desire to increase his business. He got fed up with the business and now thinks that someone would earn money by making online videos on YouTube and Instagram.

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He also saw a lot of videos related to this on YouTube. and set out towards his destination, but these His luck was very shameful. He still did not give up. He made different channels, one after the other, on many topics on YouTube, but failed in all. He also wrote his own poetry to make a reel on Instagram and sometimes overnight for acting  They practiced, but success was not ready to come. Some YouTube channel names are @SupportSeoAnandAalgi, @BilluFufaJi, @AnandAalgi, @TechMahima and other.

Let’s see the second step. When he gave up even from the online world, he decided that he would study again because since childhood, the family members had been saying that the boy of the bania has not kept a job and the other is on his own. The thought was that he had come top in 12th by working hard, so he would not do any small jobs, but it was not decided yet what he would do because right now he was thinking about taking both shop and online work together. One day, he was sitting at his shop like every day when suddenly his Guruji came and he saw Anand’s condition and was sad, and then he advised Anand to do UPPSC, because Anand was already fed up with shop and online work. He quickly accepted his words and joined CIBIL service coaching in Delhi for about 200000 rupees on the basis of support from home. But wait, a new turn has come in his life. Now he has to eat in one room, from studying to night  He had to spend At first, he took a PG, but due to the shared room, he would have disturbances in his studies.

They should be together  He didn’t even like to live; that’s why he found another single room. He now got a single room, but now he runs to eat alone because before that he had never slept alone because even in the house he slept with his mother. How they kept on managing is now clear. Till now, it was fine. Now comes the problem of eating them. If they were made at home, it was a little difficult for a single man to make, and if they talked outside, then their stomach started getting upset due to the food there. Now, along with all these problems, he started missing home, and he started crying alone all night. He felt that his business was right, and he did wrong by coming here, but by then it was too late because it had been 3 months since I joined coaching. Now neither the money nor the love of the family are returned. Now they are trapped again. He decided that he has wasted a lot of his time and other people are ahead of him because he is earning money by working non-stop and that is why he will have to do a lot more work to match or go ahead of him. Then, one day, while studying at night, he began watching YouTube videos about him, and as his desires grew, he began watching more videos about him, and on the same night, he made the decision that he had to act in order to succeed. He went to Google and began searching for a good acting institute. (I will not name the institute.) He found an institute and called the number as soon as he woke up in the morning and gathered all the information. The city of dreams left Mumbai, once upon a time  So, as if everything had been found, beautiful and big buildings, people widened the body of a good house, a big car, got lost for a moment, the acting institute arrived, and the fee there was 250000 rupees, but he has that much. I thought let’s give in instalments now, 60000 rupees, made by mixing my account and cash. He said that I would give the rest in 15 days. Now there was no money for the room to go from there, so by borrowing some important expenses from the family members, He got the same failure again, and he was still climbing the stairs of the same struggle.