The success story of Sidarth Sathoo from Jammu

Sidarth Sathoo from Jammu and Kashmir has made his state proud by his achievements.

He is the first Kashmiri pandit boy who won the title of Mr North India in 2019. Since the last 12 years, he has won many awards in state and national level as well. He has become a youth icon of his locality for his achievements. Let us know more about him.

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Sidarth Sathoo is 33 years old. He started his body building journey back in 2009. Nearly 12 years ago, he was very thin and skinny. He started bodybuilding to avoid his thin looks as he was only 48 kilograms during that time.

During this time, Sidarth Sathoo came in touch with the former well known body builder Er. Sureshet Datta. Sidarth took regular training sessions from his coach Sureshet Sir and groomed himself well. In 2014, Sidarth Sathoo won the title of Mr Jammu. This was just the beginning for a champion like him. He has won the title of Mr J&K in Men’s Category for eight times.

Sathoo has completed bachelors in hotel management from Dehradun and is currently working in the Tourism Department.

He has won the gold medal in 80 kg category for “seven times.” Sidarth Sathoo also participated in Mr North India held in Ludhiana and won a bronze medal in men’s physique category. In 2019, Mr Sidarth Sathoo was one of the top 18 participants in Men’s physique category at the national level where he participated for 4 times.

Winner of IFBB PRO Mr. Manoj Patil motivates him a lot to work hard and follow his passion. Mr Sathoo firmly believes that teenagers can stay away from bad activities if they are focussed towards body building and maintaining their physique. It will also help the teenagers to stay focused on their goals.

The path in which Mr Sidarth Sathoo works is not that easy. He is very passionate and dutiful towards whatever he does and she focuses exactly what you wants to achieve in his goal.

Mr Sidarth Sathoo also says that he wants to participate in Mr Asia competition and he is trying very hard to win a medal in that competition. He is practising day and night to make his country proud.

Mr Sidarth Sathoo also adds by saying that body-building is a very costly sport. It also takes time and money to achieve results. Fortunately, he didn’t have to face many challenges except in the beginning.

He is the brand athlete of a sports nutrition brand “Absolute Nutrition.”

He is also obliged to his coach Mr Rajesh Dutta, the General Secretary of the Jammu & Kashmir bodybuilding association.

Mr Sidarth Sathoo primarily focuses that the youth should stay away from unhealthy products such as drugs and should concentrate on important things like bodybuilding which not only helps them to make their physique good but also gives them a mental peace. Instagram –