The Sufi Music Affair: A Resplendent Evening of Soulful Melodies

New Delhi : GoldenShine Trust and NAB Delhi, in association with ICCR Auditorium, Delhi, presented “The Sufi Music Affair,” an enchanting musical event that captivated the hearts of all in attendance. The evening showcased mesmerizing performances by The Shining Stars Musical Group, Delhi’s first-ever professional band composed entirely of visually impaired musicians, leaving the audience spellbound with their soulful qawwalis.

The event featured a diverse lineup of talented artists who brought forth their exceptional musical prowess. Renowned singer Mr. Ankur Gupta delivered breathtaking qawwalis that resonated with the audience, immersing them in a profound musical experience. His soul-stirring performance left everyone in awe of his remarkable talent.

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The presence of Mr. Prashant Ranjan Verma, a well-known accessibility specialist and the General Secretary of NAB Delhi, added prestige to the occasion. His support and participation further underscored the importance of inclusivity and accessibility in the arts.

Distinguished guests included Shri Pawan Sharma (MLA, Adarsh Nagar), Shri Rajiv Agarwal (Vice President, Samsung), Shri Subhash Goyal (Founder and Chairman of STIC Travel), and Shri Ashwini Goyal (Founder of Goyal Publications). Their presence at the event highlighted the significance of fostering an inclusive environment and promoting the talents of differently-abled individuals.

The Sufi Music Affair stands as a testament to the exceptional abilities possessed by these incredible artists. GoldenShine Trust and NAB Delhi have collaborated on numerous concerts in the past, providing a platform for these musicians to showcase their remarkable talent to appreciative audiences. Golden Shine Trust, a pioneer organization in providing free and accessible music education, aims to empower individuals with disabilities and create employment opportunities for them in the field of music.

“We are honored to have witnessed such extraordinary performances by The Shining Stars Musical group.  event serves as a reminder that true talent knows no boundaries, and it is our responsibility to nurture and support such exceptional individuals.”

The Sufi Music Affair not only mesmerized the audience with its captivating melodies but also conveyed a powerful message of inclusivity, proving that music has the power to transcend barriers and touch hearts. Through their collective efforts, GoldenShine Trust, NAB Delhi, and their partners continue to create opportunities for individuals with disabilities to flourish in the world of music.