The Upcoming ‘Dheeyan Meriyan’ Episode will take a Terrible Turn

17th August 2022, While Asha’s problems have all been solved, she is oblivious to the issues that are going to make it difficult for her to fulfil her commitment to Harjinder.

Asha will have to deal with a severe accident while getting the Bhandara order ready that she received from Harjinder, which would make finishing the order nearly impossible. Menka intends for her brother to sabotage Asha’s efforts in order to prevent Asha from finishing the Bhandara and being successful in her work. But her scheme takes a terrible turn for Asha since she would suffer serious harm.

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What will happen to Asha? How would she be able to fulfil her promise to Harjinder at this point? All of the viewers are in astonishment as the show’s plot is taking a very unexpected turn. To avoid missing the most recent episode, tune in to Zee Punjabi today at 9 PM for Dheeyan Meriyan.