There is no permanent remedy to corona but it can be curbed, says celebrity astrologer SAMARPIT KANWATIA.

Acclaimed celebrity astrologer Samarpit Kanwatia recently visited an old age home and home for children to celebrate and spend some time with them. There he was asked some tips to be corona and now, ‘Omicron’ safe and what can be done to prevent it, if not avoid it completely.

Samarpit ji categorically states, “What I am going to say is purely subjectively and not as a spokesperson or any medical student or any authority to speak on this subject. I will always advise and suggest people to chant Mahamritunjay Jaaps everyday in the morning followed by Om Mangalay Namah to the count of 1188 times or as we say 11 malas, where one mala is counted to 108 times. Also, if one cannot chant the mantras, they should download the same from internet and play it on loop, in their house and office so that the dhwani and effectiveness of the mantras can encompass the whole ambience by killing all negative and malefic air borne germs. The music of the above said mantras are easily available and one can always take benefit of something that comes to us totally for free. Avail our cultural heritage, it’s not only free and rich but very powerful.”

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Having said this, he again says, “One should also practise the benefits of yoga where “Anulom Vilom” has magical effects on one’s body. I, in particular, can vouch what it does to our body from inside. If one practises “Anulom Vilom,” there are great chances that an individual will not fall ill or prey to this dreaded pandemic which suddenly erupts time and again in different forms and with different effects putting to danger the whole mankind globally.”

Samarpitji says, “Now, here is the most important tip to safe guard oneself and one’s own family from being a victim to Omicron or Corona. Listen to the doctors and their suggestions as they are medically proficient to take care of your needs and guide you right. Doctors are not God and they are not capable of committing your well-being till you don’t want to listen to them. So please, follow their advice seriously. Now again, listen to the government and follow all the safety protocols. It has been suggested time and again through various visual and prominent mediums reaching out to one and all. One should realise that no individual or any independent government can do anything miraculous till we, as citizens, of our proud nation contribute our due diligence to follow what is suggested. Miracles don’t happen- we create scenarios that we call miracles. As a nation, one has to be responsible and take care of not only ourselves but also the people around us.”

“If we can grow past shallow thoughts and think of society in by and large, we will definitely be able to circumcise this dreaded disease, if not overcome it totally. Remember an air borne disease does not die overnight. It takes a lot of time and its after effects in various forms are felt for years. A few unfortunate cases that arise time and again can also be avoided and one will not lose their loved ones. It is always painful to lose your closed ones. I am sure all my readers will agree that a little discipline and following certain protocols is easier and far better than losing your own. Let’s listen to people who govern us impartially. We CAN build a healthy nation and safeguard it not only from outside enemies but also from serious health problems such as corona which is eating us from inside.” concludes Samarpit Kanwatia.

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