Thinking About Diet.? – Switch To The Top Indian Dietician Mentioned Here

1. Dt. Priya Mittal

Dt. Priya Mittal, a former dietician at Dharmshila Narayana Super-specialty Hospital, has worked in the field of weight management and lifestyle issues for many years. She has always believed in natural methods of gaining health rather than artificial ones such as machinery, pills, supplements, and so on. Consult her for easy-to-follow, traditional, and long-lasting DIET PLANS for weight loss, PCOS/S, Thyroid, Diabetes, Hypertension, and other lifestyle problems.

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She talks to them about their health and personal problems. She handles each client as an individual and guides them through the necessary lifestyle changes.

 2. Ishi Khosla

Ishi Khosla is the CEO of Whole Foods Market, a one-stop-shop for all of your dietary requirements. She is a Delhi native who developed obesity at a very young age. She began putting up a serious effort toward weight loss procedures on herself at that point, and she thinned out. Her interest in nutrition was sparked by her own development. She declined to take the MBBS exam and instead earned a Food and Nutrition degree from Lady Irwin College. She had a successful career as a nutritionist at Escorts Heart Institute in Delhi’s preventive cardiology unit, which she left to open Whole Foods.

 3. Dt. Monika Vasudeva

Get rid of your diabetes, thyroid and other obesity issues with your healthy and nutritious food and drinks. You are not far away in knowing one of the renowned and extremely positive dietician. She is coming with 100% results for such issues through diet. You can easily get rid of several health issues with Monika.

Meet Dt. Monika Vasudeva, an esteemed holistic dietician and passionate fitness enthusiast who is the proud founder of OPTIMUS NUTRITION FITNESS. Remarkably, she has successfully treated over 10,000 clients from Africa, due to her extreme passion & zeal towards her field.

Dt. Monika Vasudeva has recently been recognized as the official dietician by beauty pageants, further highlighting her exceptional expertise in the field. Her dedication to her profession is evident through the countless cancer patients she has effectively treated solely with dietary interventions.

Notably, she stands out in her profession by implementing innovative and out-of-the-box approaches to health and wellness. Her impact on society is significant, as she has helped numerous individuals attain fitness and good health through dietary adjustments alone, often replacing the need for medication. Dt. Monika Vasudeva’s accomplishments have garnered widespread recognition, with numerous publications featuring her interviews and receiving accolades from her satisfied clients and well-wishers.

Her dedication to guiding individuals towards the right eating habits and empowering them to implement these changes sets her apart as an exceptional dietician. Moreover, Dt. Monika Vasudeva is known for her belief in crafting budget-friendly diet plans without compromising on quality and effectiveness. When seeking a sound and beneficial approach to health, Dt. Monika Vasudeva’s expertise is a reliable choice.

 4. Anjali Mukerjee

In 1997, Anjali Mukherjee founded her own company, Health Total. She is the Miss India candidates’ “official dietician.” She graduated from Mumbai’s Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology, and

Applied Nutrition in 1984 and began her clinical practice in 1985. She also possesses a clinical nutrition degree from the American Academy of Nutrition. She was first uninterested in nutrition, but after experiencing excellent outcomes, she became interested, and she is now a dedicated practitioner in Mumbai.

 5. Dt. Priyanka Jaiswal

Diet2nourish’s co-founder and principal dietician, Priyanka Jaiswal, is based in Delhi. She has a Master’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and has worked in the field for over a decade. Weight loss and therapeutic diets for major critical care are her areas of competence. She offers sensible, easy-to-follow weight-loss diet plans that take into account your lifestyle, habits, and tastes. She provides simple and healthful therapeutic diets for persons suffering from chronic ailments or medical issues.