This 20 Year Old is truly an inspiration to a lot of people who think Cryptocurrencies will break them financially.

As the world is moving towards virtual reality and so is the demand for CryptoCurrency Increasing every day, We have Shivam Vaishnav the Co-founder and CEO of Coinvestnow Investment Group who made India’s first CryptoCurrency and

Digital Assets Portfolio Management Company. 

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He’s a 2002 born entrepreneur with a passion for business, Born in a Business Family always made him excited for new

ventures as he would receive good support from his family. Studying Design from Arvindbhai Patel Institute of

Environmental Design, Anand. He manages to make a profit on both ways of the market. Managing high-profile Clients

and delivering more than 30% CAGR. Let’s know more about this young Investment Management Analyst. 

Shivam learned about Investment Management from Harvard School of Business during lockdown as Ivy Leagues were

offering good courses online. Made him confident and helped him understand the technicalities of the commerce

involved. He has won Entrepreneurship awards at the age of 19. 

He is currently working on an NFT project and has started a new company as well 

Let’s get some insights on this exclusive interview with the man himself.

“At the age of 19 I started my first venture and that too investing in the world’s riskiest market.”

  • Shivam Vaishnav (CEO Coinvestnow)

1. What inspired you to start Coinvestnow? 

 The Crypto Currency Space is very interesting and to our surprise, India didn’t have any firm that could manage Portfolios

in CryptoCurrency and Digital Assets.

2. What challenges did you have to overcome at the beginning of your journey?

The biggest challenge Was to gain trust and make people understand how Crypto works and its significance in the near


Then getting them to invest is another challenge too because of a lot of myths and misconceptions they have heard

about the market. Now it’s easy though.

3. What have you enjoyed most about starting your own company?

The feeling of being self-reliant and being one of the early comers in the market served us with immense respect for the

services we provide to our clients. 

4. Who are you apart from the Co-founder and CEO of Coinvestnow?

I am currently doing my bachelor’s in Interior Design from APIED, Anand, Gujarat. 

Plus I have a passion for Flying so I’ll be finishing off with my Commercial Pilot License as well once done with my bachelor’s.

5. Why are you studying designing as it is of no relevance to your business?

So Designing is something that helps open up your mind, as Entrepreneurs always have to think outside the box.

I developed Critical Thinking and Creative thinking both because of my field of graduation and it’s fun studying something

that is subjective and enables you to view ideas, concepts, products from many perspectives.

6. What advice would you like to give to your fellow age group youngsters?

Umm, first Age is just a number that makes no difference tho, the advice I would give to youngsters who have just started

college and want to do something big, First, learn everything about the field before entering into it and have a habit of

reading books or articles related to the field everyday as you put in learning as a habit everyday success will be a return

gift after all your efforts are invested into your dreams/idea you have been working on.

Also just don’t give up, you might fail but learn something out of it.