This couple had quit their high paying full-time jobs to become a full time Traveler

With a mission to live on roads as Digital Nomads Hardik Sant with his wife Radha had embraced the life of a traveler with their epic adventure of exploring the entire world and make their life of travel a reality. Permanent Passengers is the startUp of the Indian full time travel couple who are on a mission to make the whole world their home with eyes, mind and heart opened wide adopting a full time travel lifestyle.

An endearing adventure couple and former Educators Hardik Sant and Radha are digital content creator and Indian travel couple Vlogger who travels full time and create digital content related to travel. With travel attitude on, they have created a lifestyle of travel for themselves and showcase their regular videos on You Tube, which indeed leave the audience breathless. Before setting their foot as a full time travel couple Hardik being a passionate traveler had went on a solo trip with free spirit and travelled to different places every year before pandemic had hit the country in the year 2020.

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The idea of becoming a permanent Passenger had originated during Coronavirus lockdown when Hardik and Radha became inclined to travel Vlogs after watching different videos on You Tube. Hardik had been a teacher for 10 years and  Radha was an Assistant Professor. With common interest of travelling Hardik approached Radha with the idea of becoming a full time travel Vlogger. Though his wife was excited and was on cloud nine with the idea but she was inquisitive and Hardik engrossed himself for the next 3 days curating the strategic plan basis the lifestyle of a traveler. Both rethought on their priorities and decided to quit their jobs by leaving behind their mundane 9-5 lifestyle and acted upon to be a permanent travel Vlogger. As a trial trip they initially travelled to Rishikesh for a period of 15 days to estimate the budget and determine if the plan works and whether it will be safe. They felt everything intense and found every new day as a new adventure.

Soon after returning from Rishikesh they sold every materialistic possession they had and prepared themselves for a nonstop travelling. Though they began their journey as Indian full time travel couple in January 2021 but due to second wave of coronavirus and lockdown in several places they had to stay back at home for 2 months. During that period they converted their hatchback car into campervan to kick-start their journey as full time travelers.

They started a road trip to central Indian state of Madhya Pradessh and titled the trip as “Magical Madhya Pradesh” They have travelled 2100 Km in their Campervan for 21 days covering 12+ different cities exploring the centuries old history, culture and people, just within 27k budget including all expenses. After MP they went to the beautiful Indian state of Kashmir and explored some offbeat destinations in the valley with J&K tourism department. Along with the popular tourist destinations like Srinagar, Gulmarg and Sonmarg etc. for around 20 days and currently they are exploring Mcleodganj – Dharmshala. They provide a captivating insight into the world of travel and adventure through their You Tube Videos. With an ideology to travel continuously with a shoe tight budget currently they are travelling at their own expenses.

Following the big trends of travel Vlogging, Indian couple travel Youtubers Hardik and Radha is now gearing up to Explore Chennai in January 2022 and set foot for Nepal in February 2022 with the objective to explore the local culture and local people for a period of six months and trek to Everest base camp (EBC Trek Nepal). They are all set to set out on a journey to travel foreign countries by the end of 2022.

Hardik and Radha stated “Our common interest of travelling with spontaneous and open mindedness triggered us to embrace this lifestyle of a permanent travel Vloggers. Now that we have started we can’t be more elated to take our journey to foreign countries soon next year.”

If you are looking for great travel content and live a more adventure fuelled life then Permanent Passenger’s You Tube channel is worth to subscribe. Permanent passengers covers everything on their videos from travel tips and advice, details of the budget and information of the destination and let’s you explore the essence of locations, their culture and its people, food, and personal approach all the more with a combination of an informative experience and wonderful creativity.  However, they are looking forward to collaborate with other travel brands as influencer.

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