This mother-daughter duo once again amazes us with their new achievements.

A mother-daughter relationship is always a heart-tugging emotional and a stronger bond that is incomparable. The formidable pair of Dr Shani and her daughter Reyah Fatima Hafees encompasses the passions and common traits, becoming a source of inspiration for many. Their unending creativity and talent know no bounds, certainly creating wonders by setting a world record. This mother-daughter duo has chartered a route with each other’s back that elevates them to a different level to reach greater heights.

13-year-old Reyah Fatima Hafees has set triple records with the latest addition of entering the ‘International book of Records’ in her kitty. She has set a record of ‘Most movies mentioned with details’ on 15th August 2021 from Dubai, UAE. There she introduced 32 movies in detail, including the movie’s name, genre, year of production, country of production, name of the director, and details of the protagonist with movie briefing. Previously, she entered into ‘India Book of Records’ & ‘Asia Book of Records’ by recalling the names of 138 movies within a minute blindfolded.

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Reyah Fatima Hafees is the daughter of Dr Shani Hafees. ‘Asia book of records’ recognized her with the title of ‘Grand Master’. Dr Shani Hafees is an Ayurvedic Doctor and entrepreneur by profession; and singer, writer and poet by passion. She has secured the ‘International Book Of Records’ title by singing women-oriented songs in 17 Indian regional languages and 13 foreign languages and won the title of ‘Most songs sung about women in maximum languages’. The music enthusiasts warmly welcomed her music videos named ‘Marupiranthaal’ and ‘Pennaal’ series.

Reyah has imbibed the quality of singing from her mother. This interested both of them and connected to their love language. Reyah debuted with her mother, Dr Shani, in an award-winning women-focused Tamil music video Marupiranthaal’ revolving around the story of a transgender woman and her foster daughter. Yuvan Shankar Raja released the music video. The spirit of creativity and talent is deeply ingrained in this mother-daughter duo.

With an inclination towards books and movies, Reyah got her hands with her channel ‘Kids Station’ during the first lockdown period in 2020. There she has introduced classic movies in different languages and genres for kids across the globe. She ensures her friends pick the best books and films and never stops herself from helping others. Her five-year-old little sister Zaira also draws inspiration from Reyah. She now stands as an inspiration for every child out there all across the globe.

The mother-daughter Duo of Dr Shani and her daughter are gearing up for their new projects to set another world record, and this time it’s about the humongous one ‘Guinness book of World Record’. Dr Shani, the Founder of Ayurdha Naturals and Reyah, an Eighth-grade student, tells music, movies, and books had made a mark by becoming the trendsetters with a brilliant sense of creativity. Indeed, no other bond can be as unique as moms and their girls.

Besides being a lovely mother, Dr Shani is also a doting wife of Mr Hafees S Hameed, an IT Engineer by profession employed in Dubai. 

Grand Master – Reyah Fatima Hafees