Three Fastest Growing Indian Literary Figures are Mehak Walia, Riya Rashmi Dash, Mili Kumari

Three Fastest Growing Indian Literary Figures are

  • Mehak Walia
  • Riya Rashmi Dash
  • Mili Kumari

Let us know more about our young literary figures taking rapid strides in the industry and making India read.

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Ms. Mehak Walia is a multiple award-winning author, poet and journalist.

She has been writing for a while and is one of the only few people in the country with 4 books, over 100 published poems and 3 anthology books to their name before 25.

As a journalist, she writes for various publications including but not limited to Hauterrfly, ThePrint, TheVibe, Lipstick Politico and Hashtag India.

Mehak’s latest book, ‘The Perfect Literarian’ was declared the ‘Best Crime and Thriller’ for the year by Author Pages Awards.

She has also won the ‘Prerna Ratan Samman’ for her achievements in the field of literature.

She also bagged the Dr. Rajendra Prasad National Excellence Award for her contributions to Indian Literature. This was powered by Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, Government of India.


She is Riya rashmi dash presently studying her MBA from IMI KOLKATA . She is Selenophile, loves to enjoy every small moment of her life, and is a wanderlust. She is a writer and started her passion 3 years back . She has worked in more than 165+ anthologies as co-author and compiler of 50+ books till now and more ongoing. She is also the Author of her solo book “Waiting to Exhale” , “MYSTERY OF WORDS” and “TANGLED- Simple yet Complicated” .

She has also been part of national magazines, featured in author interview featured in Ne8x Litfest 2020, part of world record books. She is the Founder of The Opus Coliseum and is happy as her life is turning out now and hopes this continues as such.Also she’s been awarded Being Inspirational Indian Award, Be The Change Awards, Indian Professional Awards, FCP Excellence Award, Kalam Book Of Records Holder, Amazing World of Book Records Holder, Vajra Book Of Record Holder, Sahityakosh Awards, India Republic Awards, Bravo International Holder, Exclusive World Records, Indian Books Of Record Holder, Achiever Awards 2020-2021, SHE Awards 2021, Most Deserving Award 2021, International Globe Awards 2021 , Kalam Ratna Awards, Literary Awards, Warriors of change ,Inspiration award, FSIA Awards, Backpenning awards for The best publishing house of the year And Much More. She’s Also Exclusive World Record Holder and Bravo International World Record Holder. She is also the India book of world record holder and Asia book of world record holder. She has also been featured in India,,,, Vents, Disrupt,, The Indian Saga, Menafn, Weekly Mail, Nagpur Oranges, Times bulletin namo times, and daily hunt having million viewers. Her writeups have also been published in renowned US Press. Her Cover page is also being featured in the  magazine Literary voice, Elysian Magazine, The success knockers by awardarc and been featured in various author Interview and featurings. She was also featured in RVCJ media for her accomplishments. Her interview is also featured in Mt.Kenya Times, Diaspora times,Interview Times, Vibgyor She’s been also

featured in Tiims Magazine INSTAGRAM:- _riyaa_rashmi


One of Patna’s most talented girls is Mili Kumari. Having a name like hers signifies a girl who loves to meet and greet people, which she does, as well as gaining knowledge from her peers. She has a variety of talents and is enthusiastic. A rising star of Chath Bhumi, Patna, Mili Kumari excels in make-up, writing, and judging beauty pageants. One should be a gold medalist of self-love, according to her.

 After graduating in English from GDM College Patna, she studied Pharmacy at Lloyd School of Pharmacy in Greater Noida, Delhi.

 Interested in something different, she took up a course at Vah Vah Institute to become a professional make-up artist. A Google search for her name reveals that she has been published on a variety of news portals.

Her work has been published in more than 10 anthologies,with two podcast & two interviews on Spotify, ganna , Jio Sawan she is awardee of the following awards :

•Literary choice award 2021

•Inspiro award 2021

•Achievement award 2021

•Indipride award 2021

•Indian Noble Awards 2022

She has also been the cover page for two of the known magazines: The Pride of India, Allureiva & cultureX

 As a writer, Mili Kumari joined Profound Writers, which is a good platform for all writers. The community gives her a sense of calm and positivity, which she loves. Additionally, she creates content for Profound Writers’ YouTube channel. She is Head of Profound Creation Troupers.

 Her heart belongs to art; she plans to write scripts in the future and is currently working on.

Mili Kumari was the judge for the beauty pageant Mr. and Mrs . Stars Patna audition round. Yes, her acting skills are not quite perfect, but they are close enough to be called perfect.

Mili is a strong believer in self-love. Rather than hating oneself, she believes that one should love oneself. She is a shutterbug and loves making reels of instagram. You can follow her on instagram @biharibabuni_

At the last but not the least she is a mystery still to be revealed. If you use Google to look up the most talented girl in Patna, all her information will appear