Tizzy Mail – Cloud Mail Services at the lowest prices ever at just 100 rupees per year for 5 GB Mailbox.

Cloud Computing has taken the entire technical industry by storm and it has introduced novel and efficient storage systems through which all the stored data can be accessed through the internet. Cloud computing has figured out a way to ensure that the data can be easily stored and prevents the user from using numerous storage devices. Mail has become an integral part of every industry and they have become a part and parcel of our lives. Mails have eventually become the primary source for all corporate communication purposes and there is a huge number of emails being sent and received every day. The top cloud services in the market are a bit expensive and this led to the development of the myth that cloud services are something that cannot be afforded by the common man and small-scale companies. Tizzy Cloud has put a check to all of these myths and holds the privilege of offering cloud services at the minimal amount of just a hundred rupees.

Tizzy Cloud is one of the premier cloud business email hosting service provider companies in India and they offer a 5 GB mailbox for the lowest price of just 100 rupees per year. Tizzy cloud has made cloud services available to everyone at affordable prices. This has revolutionised and drawn a greater number of both organisations and individuals towards cloud mail.

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Tizzy Cloud Computing Private Limited was founded in April 2018 to provide cloud services to each and everyone at affordable prices. The team at Tizzy Cloud has observed that cloud mail is an essential thing for everyone but its expensive prices are preventing people from using it. That was when they decided to take the leap and go the extra mile and provide cloud services to all at an affordable price. They have started providing cloud mail services for the lowest price ever in history at just 100 rupees per year for a 5 GB mailbox.

Since its inception, Tizzy Mail has always been very friendly to the users throughout the complete process. The service is easily activated and the process and the proceedings are taken care of by the team of Tizzy Mail within no time. The migration of mails from the previous server is a seamless process. Tizzy Mail takes the responsibility of transferring every single mail from the old server, all the emails can be restored and backed up every 30 days. All of the data is stored and the operations are performed from the Data Centre located in Mumbai. The services of Tizzy Mail enable the user to access 50 GB of mail storage and attach files easily up to 50 MB. In addition to these, email receive and send and sync speed is much faster with IMAP mail sync speed even for 25 GB+ mailboxes and there will be no DNS warnings at all. There is no need to worry about security as Tizzy Mail has multi-layered security and encrypted data storage. The services can also be set up and used on mobile devices as well.

Cloud Mails have become very important and are turning out to be a mandatory requirement for some companies. Multiple companies have already adopted this technology as there are thousands of emails being transacted every minute and this has become the easiest and most efficient way to store and keep a track of all of those. With the advent of technology, every conventional way is being replaced with a novel approach that makes the existing things a lot easier. Many businesses and corporations are getting used to changing technologies that provide better results than before and this change has also become an important factor in the success of the company. Cloud Mails do also come under the list of those novel approaches that made things simpler and better than the previous ways.

Tizzy Mail has offered services to numerous customers and organisations and there are almost zero complaints from them so far. This fact is enough to prove the quality that the team of Tizzy Mail provides to the customer. Tizzy Mail is the best solution as it carries out the importance and significance mail has in today’s world. Tizzy Mail takes the responsibility of handling multiple issues such as allowing you to send mail from your domain, filtering spam and phishing attacks and ensuring that there is no delay in the transaction of a mail.

Tizzy Mail, with its lowest and most affordable rates, is educating about cloud mail and at the same time drawing more people towards this novel technology.

Website: https://www.tizzycloud.com