Top 3 Best Astrologer In India Everyone Must Follow On Instagram

Vedic Science is a treasure of India and Top Best astrologers like Pradip Verma, Mukesh Ravindra Gupta, Guruji Dev Karna Dixit Maharaj are torchbearers of this science in modern day India.

The Top 3 Best Indian Astrologers You Must Follow On Instagram are:

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  1. Pradip Verma – Astroyog
  2. Mukesh Ravindra Gupta – Omkkaar Astroworld
  3. Guruji Dev Karna Dixit Maharaj – Gayatri Jyotish Baroda

Pradip Verma – Astroyog

Pradip Verma is the top best astrologer in India in 2023 according to leading media outlets like Outlook India, Deccan Herald, Midday, Interviewer PR, Hindustan Metro, The Print, The Update India, and many more. Pradip Verma is a Master of Astrology, Vedic Science, Corporate Astrology, Vastu, and Medical Astrology, Pradip Verma is the founder of Astroyog – India’s best online astrology platform.

The most knowledgeable astrologer of the current time in terms of horoscopes, Vedic astrology, gemstones, medical astrology, corporate astrology, and vaastu is Pradip Verma. Powerful politicians, well-known worldwide figures, corporate tycoons, reputable corporations and brands, and widely popular celebrities are among his clients. He is also an authority in colour therapy – a Science that is rarely explored.

Pradip Verma aka Pradeep Verma started at a young age out of his passion for this science. He learnt it and gained in-depth knowledge through rigorous study of books on astrology. He started helping people with free predictions and solutions until he decided to quit his job to pursue astrology as his full time career. Only then he began to charge nominal fees for his life impacting consultations.

He has supreme command on his subject and all his predictions are accurate. World famous Astrologer Pradip Verma is the top best astrologer in India because of his vast knowledge of Vedic Science and the simple methods and remedies that he provides to all his clients makes him the most trusted and successful astrologer in Mumbai and also in India. People from all corners have tremendous faith and trust in Pradip Verma.

In one of his recent exclusive interviews with Outlook, Pradip Verma said, “It feels indeed good to be the no 1 astrologer in India, but there are responsibilities as well. One has to be very responsible,honest and respectful towards the field they’re the best in. I always try my best to be this version of myself and I’ll always try my best to serve people the best. To get genuine astrology is very hard in this era.”

Pradip Verma offers online consultation on Astroyog and an appointment with the best astrologer in India can also be booked on call or WhatsApp +919910993008.

Instagram: @astroyog7

Mukesh Ravindra Gupta – Omkkaar Astroworld

Popular Vaastu consultant and Astrologer Mukesh Ravindra Gupta was born in Mathura in Uttar Pradesh. Astrology has been in his blood since he was born. His father, grandfather and forefathers were all Astrologers and did excellent service in the field. Astrology and Vaastu Consultancy is his family tradition.

An alumnus of The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda (top University of Gujarat) Mukesh did his graduation in Astrological and Vedic Science, and post graduation in Business Administration. He quit his job 12 years ago to start a full time career in Vaastu Consultancy and Astrology. He met many people from different places and completely different backgrounds but the most common thing between all of them was that they were all in some kind of problem. There seemed no end to these problems as many people were misguided and unfortunately were on the wrong path. These problems included family problems, marriage problems, love and relationship issues, grah kalesh, financial problems, or business problems. Mukesh deeply thought about each of these problems and with God’s grace all his clients are extremely satisfied with his solutions. Mukesh is an expert in providing the most positive results through his life changing consultation based on deep knowledge of Vedic Science.

The speciality of Mukesh Ravindra Gupta Astrologer is Vaastu. The best part is that he provides remedies without any requirement of demolition or destruction in the existing structures.

“According to real Astrology, 33% Kundli, 33% Vaastu, and 34% destiny (luck) make the right combination to study about any person,” explains Mukesh and says that many modern day pandits rely only on Kundli to provide solutions and that is why the clients don’t get the desired results.

“Our body is made of Panch Dhaatu – Agni, Prakash, Jal, Vaayu. Similarly, Vaastu is also made of five elements. If there is a lack of water, we suffer dehydration. Similarly, if all elements of Vaastu are not controlled then problems arise in our house. That is why Panch Mahabhut is very important,” he explains.

“Disha badlo, dasha badlo,” is one of his mottos. Omkkaar astroworld expertises in providing Vaastu solutions without the need to break anything in the house. Solutions to Kundli grah dosh like Rahu, Ketu, Shani are also provided.

The aim is to provide best results in an economical budget. Many learned pandits and astrologers are a part of his group and they are collectively working towards some amendments in astrological science using the latest and most convenient techniques. Numerologists, face readers, vaastu consultants are all members of the team at Omkkaar Astroworld.

Their official Facebook page has over 25k followers and each of them are happy with the results provided by the latest technology based solutions provided by Omkkaar Astroworld.

Guruji Dev Karna Dixit Maharaj – Gayatri Jyotish Baroda

Guruji Dev Karna Dixit Maharaj is Best Jyotish Astrologer in Vadodara Gujarat. He is an expert in Vedic astrology services & provides best psychic reading in Baroda. You can ask for assistance from Guruji Dev Karna Dixit Maharaj if you are experiencing any astrological issues. He offers vashikaran services as well as answers for love marriage problems, marital problems, relationship problems, and divorce problems. His efforts are made to eliminate all negative impacts from your life and to provide you with a happy, stress-free existence.

Guruji is an expert of Magic Kriya, Vashikaran Elimination and Security Astrologer. Anyone who has had the misfortune of seeing all things crumble in his life, failing on all fronts, despite talent, experience, and expertise, can understand the serious effects of Black Magic. He always gives his 100% to provide the best remedies and life-changing solutions to all clients.

Gayatri Jyotish Baroda has a user rating of 4.8/5 on Google Business and is certainly one of the best astrologers in India. People respect Guruji Dev Karna Dixit Maharaj a lot. He is an internationally popular personality, a very demanding and favourite name in the field of Astrology, a very successful Astrologer, love relationship, black magic kriya, and love Vashikaran expert. Perfect and accurate prediction will always guide you to brighten your future through scientific and simple remedies.

Instagram – @gayatrijyotishbaroda

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