Top 4 Indian Literary Geniuses – Alfiya Suroor Khan, Hetvi S. Patel, Shraddha Sukhadeve, Manisha Venkatesan

Top 4 Indian Literary Geniuses are Alfiya Suroor Khan, Hetvi S. Patel, Shraddha Sukhadeve, and Manisha Venkatesan. They have been chosen by Digital Golgappa based on the impact of their write-ups. The judgement was made on the basis of several parameters that include the language, structure of the write-up, overall significance, impact, and how much it connects with the readers. This was an initiative by Reshav Singh on behalf of Digital Golgappa. He said, “We are proud and excited to feature and promote such amazing writing talents.”

Top 4 Indian Literary Geniuses are Alfiya Suroor Khan, Hetvi S. Patel, Shraddha Sukhadeve, and Manisha Venkatesan as selected by Digital Golgappa. Let us take a quick look at their writing journeys so far and then read their write-ups that were selected for this esteemed feature.

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Who is Alfiya Suroor Khan?

Alfiya Suroor Khan, a 20 year girl, hails from Bangalore Karnataka, A commerce student with many add on  professional courses.

A selfless attitude,soft spoken and warm hearted friendly nature has kept her determined towards her writing.

English is in her heart, she is passionate towards writing and dedicated herself to writing and reading books.

She has been a part of the writing journey since she was in her teens .She started penning down her good and worst experiences in the form of poems. She eventually got connected with many anthologies as a co-author. She is a compiler of the books “Words That Bleed” and “Shinning Irenic” . Her enthusiasm stands her as an author for her upcoming books “Vincere Covid”, “The 21 Fire Freezers” and many more to come.

She was awarded with a “Certificate of World Record” for writing a poem “My Resurrection” in the year 2022. It was certified and appreciated by – Inkzoid foundation and Glorious book of records.

She was recognised as the “Best Poetess Of The Year 2022” by Incredible Indian Awards.

She has been awarded the “All Indian Best Writer Award” by profound writers in the year 20-21.

In the year 2022 Inkzoid foundation has chosen and recognised her write up to be one of the top 18 write ups and rewarded amongst the top 13 upcoming stars. This appraisal has been circulated on 20 different platforms.

Who is Hetvi S. Patel?

Hetvi S. Patel is a student, an author, a writer, a poet, and a learner for life. She is the founder of Syngrafeís Publication. She is the author and project head of the best seller solo book + anthology “Shraddha: A Beautiful Blessing” which is dedicated to her sister Shraddha Sukhadeve who in herself is a purely beautiful soul. Hetvi is also the author of the book “The Rhymes” which gave her interview opportunities for more than 6 times. Her poems and articles are regularly published in newspapers and magazines. She is a recognised Multiple World Record Holder.

She is a certified Fastest Patriotic Writer as well. She has received a Lifetime Achievement Award by India’s biggest media-tech platform Mr. LOGO  Private Limited. She has also received the Aspirant Achiever’s Award by Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India in the category of National Pride Record. She is the Guest Author of Scribbleryter; MSME registered website.

She was a part of Model United Nations Association organised by Rotary Club of Nagpur. She was the member of RTMNU’s Nagpur Student Parliament organised by RTM Nagpur University. She is a blogger as well; she often posts her feelings in the form of words in her blogs highlighted on Candle Monk, Story Mirror, and Youth Ki Aawaz web page. Her poems are published online on various platforms and websites. She is a registered poet on All Poetry international web portal. She has received a badge of junior editor at STANDS4’s vibrant and growing community of poetry lovers and she is the member of the same. She is a ‘Literary Leutinent’ on Story Mirror literature web. She has been a part of more than 120 anthologies. She has compiled anthologies and has been the project head as well.

She dedicates her journey of writing to her inspiration and mentor Dr. Mrs. Shanoor K. Mirza. Her strongest supporters have always been her family and friends. Hetvi believes that your success is determined by the confidence you carry and hardwork you perform.

Who is Shraddha Sukhadeve?

Shraddha Sukhadeve is a wonderful speaker with a highly developed vocabulary. She has completed her Master’s in English from the English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad and Master’s in Education from Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University. She is a rank holder in MH-CET (M.Ed- 3rd topper in the state). She is a gold medalist as well. She was assigned the Ministry of Finance in RTMNU’s Nagpur Student Parliament organised by RTM Nagpur University. She has received the Aspirant Achiever’s Award by Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India in the category of Educational Excellence. She is the Guest Author of Scribbleryter; MSME registered website. She has experience in the field of teaching; a pure example that she can be an amazing teacher as well. She has cleared various competitive exams including NET, CTET (both twice) which is a proof that she is going to fulfill her dreams for sure! She has a book written on her by Hetvi Patel titled Shraddha- A beautiful Blessing.

She is a source of positive energy to everyone whom she listens and speaks to. She is a very kind and humble person to be around. She is liked by every person she meets. She believes that no matter whatever comes in our way, if we believe in the universal forces and give our best, everything is possible!

Who is Manisha Venkatesan?

Manisha Venkatesan is a joyful and passionate young woman pursuing a BS in Applied Management. Writing is her biggest passion, and she has made remarkable achievements in this field. With over 100 participations in anthologies, Manisha has shown her dedication and hard work towards her craft. Her talent has not gone unnoticed as she has won world record certificates for the first two seasons of Inkzoid Podcasts.

Manisha Venkatesan is also a compiler of numerous anthologies, including “Ladders Of Love”, “Man With A Pure Heart”, “A King With Shinning Shield”, “A Truly Inspiring Women”, “A Step Ahead To Achieve”, and “Unsaid Feelings”. Her creative endeavors don’t end there; she has founded Sian Publication, which provides a platform for writers to showcase their talents.

Manisha’s exceptional writing skills have been recognized with several awards and titles, including “The Best Writer of 2022” Award from the Inkzoid Foundation. She has also been named as one of the “18 Gems of India,” “Top 8 Legendary Women of the Globe,” and “The Epitome of Women Empowerment.” Her inspiring work has made her one of the “Four Most Inspiring Women of the Year.”

With her passion, dedication, and talent, Manisha Venkatesan is undoubtedly an outstanding writer and an inspiring woman.

Top 4 Indian Literary Geniuses are Alfiya Suroor Khan, Hetvi S. Patel, Shraddha Sukhadeve, and Manisha Venkatesan as selected by Digital Golgappa. Let us read their impactful write-ups that were selected for this esteemed feature.

Bloodied Memories: The Tragic Tale of Jallianwala Bagh Massacre – by Manisha Venkatesan

In the land of Punjab, where the fields are gold,

Lies a story of bloodshed, untold and bold.

The year was 1919, a day to dread,

When the Jallianwala Bagh turned red.

The British Raj, with its iron fist,

Had banned all protests, but the people resisted.

They gathered in the park, the brave and the bold,

Not knowing that their fate had been sold.

As the clock struck five, the air grew tense,

And the silence was broken by gunfire immense.

The soldiers had arrived, with rifles in hand,

And in a moment of madness, they opened command.

The people were trapped, with no way to escape,

As the bullets flew, bodies fell in shape.

Women and children, old and young,

None were spared, as the madness had begun.

The echoes of screams still ring in the air,

The wounds are deep, and the scars still bear.

For the Jallianwala Bagh massacre,

Left an indelible mark on our history’s ledger.

The aftershock of the tragedy can still be felt,

In the streets of Amritsar, where the blood was spilled.

The heart of the city bears witness to the pain,

And the memory of that day remains forever.

But the people of Punjab, they rose from the ashes,

Their spirit was unbroken, their will un smashed.

They fought for their freedom, with courage and might,

And won their independence, with pride in their sight.

So let us remember those who fell that day,

Their sacrifice was not in vain, as we shall say.

For the Jallianwala Bagh massacre,

It shall never be forgotten and always be remembered.

The aftershock of the tragedy can still be felt,

In the streets of Amritsar, where the blood was spilled.

But the courage of the people shall forever remain,

And their triumphs shall forever inspire again.

© Misha Writes

Voter of a New Generation! By Shraddha Sukhadeve

Democratic views hold the potential to unify a diverse human community. A community dominated by ethical, ethnical, religious, racial, moral and existential line of thought is put to order and co-exist peacefully by secular actions and democratic values. And this harmonic style of living is provided by my nation- India!

India is a country known for its trait of friendliness and acceptance. The Constitution of India incorporates all the known virtuous qualities required to help human as a species to lead a healthy, safe and tranquil life. It is framed in a manner that ensures equality and assigns a degree of ownership by providing certain rights. Right to vote is indeed the most powerful gift of democracy.

I realise the importance of India’s history, culture, and of course, its struggle to achieve independence.  A thing already in hand does not possess the required gravity to generate its value. It is the under-privileged and the left outs who understand the true vitality of it. Once achieved, a man protects it with his life. Such is the case of India’s independence. It is the deprivation of freedom that makes us so protective of its existence.

It has been seventy-five years for the wounds and sacrifices that India has experienced and made for achieving freedom. The struggle still oozes a sense of dignity and fulfilment. Over a period of time, however, such heightened degree of patriotism seems to have taken a parallel track and landed in the hind side of our cognition. But, is this really the case?

As a youth of this nation, my way of projecting my love for it has taken different forms. I am aware about the social system, I am sensitive to people’s struggles because I am a direct and indirect part of it, I wish to contribute my little in the nation’s progress, I intend to enlighten myself about social causes, its nature, and functionality and take part in conceptualising and mending it. I am hopeful about India’s bright future and my way of displaying this optimism is by casting my Vote.

My vote at a singular level might not look puissant but when combined with more than 229 million young individuals, creates such humongous impact which can even move a mountain! As a voter of new generation I recognise the importance of my opinion in constituting a governing body. I register the importance of the right to vote given to me and the responsibility associated with it.

I am the voter of a generation that does not believe in passive existence. I am dogmatic and assertive! On one hand, I am constantly bombarded with provocative, demeaning and adulterated perspectives intended to defaming the nation’s image in the world; there are times I am made to believe in ideas that otherwise might seem questionable. However, on the other hand, I am exposed to the global village. I know where my nation stands; I also have innumerable ideas to take its position forward and one such idea is sensitizing the youth about casting their votes.  

The generation I belong to has an intense desire to achieve something valuable in life, to take part in activities that would make us feel alive. I am the voter of that generation which takes pride in the blue ink mark I get after casting my vote; a generation that does not wait for a group to gather for making a difference in people’s thoughts. All I do is capture the moment, upload on social platforms and try my best to encourage people to step out of their procrastinating and rigid attitudes and Go VOTE!

I am aware about the repercussions of choosing a faulty governing body. I live in a society where socio-economic, historical, political, artistic and scientific thoughts make me conscious of my moves. I am the voter of new generation that demands a rationale behind every decision the government takes. I intend to live in a nation that is not only secular but also progressive. Yes, at times I get carried away in misleading agendas, but I am not afraid of making mistakes because I believe I can always come back to the right track and start over.

Gone are the times when the citizens would complain about the governing bodies, its policies, nation’s condition and every other aspect associated with it. Now is the age of slightly different approach. This generation does not tag along with the usual ‘let us complain’ campaign, rather a generation that takes the responsibility of its nation’s wellbeing and that begins with taking the elections seriously.

My generation is surrounded with technology. We appreciate the exponential rise in automation and machinery at the same time fear that humanity will be taken over by it.  We are the generation that is prepared to deal with human and non-human problems. We are strong with our views. We know how to use technology for the benefit of the nation without making it fall prey to unethical trap.

I am a voter of the new age that comprehends the use of NOTA (none of the above) option. I hold the required intellect to analyse and take a decision whether an individual is eligible of getting the voices of the people belonging to the lowest strata of the society heard in the Parliament. I show my trust on only those individuals who fit best in the ideal representative category. If they don’t, I believe in raising my opinion about the insufficiency of the future government.

My vote is my weapon! A weapon I use to make peace, secularism, justice and progress flow in the nation that I call- My India! My annoyingly pious love for humanity is displayed by my unconditional faith in its democratic form of governing system. Every breath I take, every decision I make is directed towards re-making India into a great nation. I am a voter of a new generation that works with the thought- India is my country and I am responsible for it!

I am the product of India’s impeccable governing system; I am the mirror of the nation’s fall and rise, I am the representative of strong  thoughts, fierce energy and limitless potential; I am the nation’s present and future; I am the voter of new generation!

-Shraddha Sukhadeve

Aye Aye, Captain! By Hetvi S. Patel

One normally simple day, God finally takes a decision on sending someone very angelic in my life because it has been a very long time of blessing me with a selfless friend- the world is full of selfish people around. So, he sends me her- my darling friend. She deserves respect from me because she is one year senior to me. Obviously, I have ample amount of love and respect for her which can never be measured. I wondered again, how did I get so lucky to have such an adorable friend in my life who is very dedicated towards keeping me happy always?

Here’s when a realization strikes through my mind, the Almighty  will always make those people meet who deserve to be a part of each other’s lives. If one needs support, a supporter is already a part of their life. If one needs strength, a source of positive energy is always next to them. If one needs self-satisfaction, they already have a person who is  already very proud of them for everything they do. In mere words, we will always have that person in our life who understands our silence and helps us to heal. And here, I am blessed with one such friend who figures out my mood swings when I do not add any emoji while texting her- ‘Good morning, Captain’. She won’t ask why have not added a red heart like I always do, she will simply tell me some good things which would genuinely make me happy. Captain; that’s what I call her, because she leads me to happiness. Like a captain of the ship who protects the ship from getting trapped into a storm, she protects me from getting stuck into a problem which might disturb my mental peace.

How does it feel to have a friend who is a year elder? To me, it is like a moral support as my captain keeps me away from moments which will depress me out. She is like a career counsellor to me, who already knows what is good for me. So, she suggests me with some highly beneficial tips so as to be pre-planned for the things I will be doing exactly after twelve months. Basically, she is the advanced Hetvi who is protecting the current Hetvi.

Reality check- she is my senior and she is going to leave for her further studies in just two months. I am worried about my remaining one year at college without her and she is making the present beautiful for me. That’s the thing about my captain, she makes everything perfectly alright. She might be leaving the college soon, but the place which she has made for herself in my heart belongs to her forever.

Here’s to my captain:

“Enemies and fake friends are going to come and go.

But this, this true and real friendship is for life.


How is the world outside? By Alfiya Suroor Khan

A girl is raped,

Oh no it’s a lie.

Her body lay dead,

But the victim is dry.

The world is cruel outside,

Oh god! Please be nice !

Look at those wide eyes,

With no tears left to cry.

Stomachs filled with butterflies,

Is this how they should tell the world bye ?

The world is sick outside,

Oh god ! Please be nice !

He was a little charm,

With long arms.

If he didn’t use them,

He was harmed.

The world is heartless outside,

Oh god ! Please be nice !

It’s enough that I have bend,

Just because I’m a women, I get assault.

I’m a women and in the end,

Being a women is my fault.

The world is unsafe outside,

Oh god! please be nice !

What is there in this worldly ride?

Oh man, get back to him and fear the lord.

Be your country’s pride,

And stop this and be a guard ! Alfiya Suroor Khan