Top 8 Legendary Women of The Globe

The Top 8 Legendary Women of The Globe are :

  • Sarah
  • Sharanya Datta aka Ujaani Datta
  • Sree Varshini
  • Mehak Tikoo
  • K. Keerthiga
  • Divya Sinha
  • Shriparna Chattopadhyay
  • Vaishali Chhabra

We have selected them on the basis of their sheer passion and dedication to their work, and the justice they are doing to their talents.

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‘Unstoppable’ is the best way to describe SaRah. Born and brought up in The Pink City – Jaipur; SaRah has always been a warrior.

Dark days have come, even darker years, but that has only made her fight harder. And today she is grateful to all the challenges she had to face because today she is a woman with an unstoppable desire to rise higher.

Her affair with words started at a very young age. Poetry for her was therapy. A private person, she preferred to write about all her struggles than speak openly about them.

Even today she uses her words to express her deepest emotions. Reading her poems gives you a glimpse into not only her mind, but also her soul.

Sarah believes that words have the power to hurt as well as heal. And she hopes that her words cause more healing than hurt. She prays that people all around the globe draw strength and motivation from her poems.

Today, SaRah is an award winning poetess and also the Founder & Content Creator of a writing community on Instagram called @vaguesoulsunite.

She has also Co-authored more than 10 anthologies and has recently finished a short novel.

She is the Senior Editor – an editing and publishing firm.

She’s currently working as a Deputy Manager – Quality & Communications at HCL Technologies, Noida.

Her achievements till date include

-‘Best Communication Specialist 2022’: Powerful Women Awards 2022 – by The Crazy Tales

-‘Dr. Rajendra Prasad National Excellence Award – Category: Literature’ by @priyaswisdompublication

-‘The Literary Champion’ by @cherrybookawards

-‘The Sylvia Plath Memorial Literary Prize 2022’ by @elitebookawards

-‘Swami Vivekananda Rashtriya Swarna Samman 2022’ – by @priyaswisdompublication.

-‘Honorary Doctorate in Women Empowerment & Inspiration’ – conferred by Grace Ladies Global Academy.

-‘Global Iconic Award; Category – Literary Personality’ by @priyaswisdompublication

-‘Bankim Chandra Chatterjee Kala Samman – Literary Personality Award’ by @cherrybookawards and @priyaswisdompublication

-‘The Pride Of India’ award by @cherrybookawards

-‘The Queen’ award by @theeagleeyenetwork

-‘The Literary Awards 2021’ by Talent Hunt Awards (A Scribbling Inner Voice Unit)

-Winner of the title ‘Best Entry’ and ‘Best Story Teller’ as part of the Literature Festival Anthology – Lavenders – Ambrosia Oeuvre @magazineunicorn

-‘Golden Arc Awards’  and ‘Inspiro Awards 2021’ by @awardarc

-‘Fame In Frame’ & ‘The Champions’ award by @priyaswisdompublication

-Featured as the ‘Crown Jewel’ @gradezacavern for her contribution to the writing community.


Sharanya Datta, also known as Ujaani Datta (instagram id: ujaani07) is a fifteen years old budding artist and poetess residing in North-Eastern India (Siliguri). She’s the daughter of Mrs. Shabari Datta, the muse of her life and Mr. Sourabh Pal. From childhood’s hour, she has been nurtured by her mother who herself is a teacher of History. Her father is the regional editor of an esteemed newspaper. She’s the founder of “Aubade Publication” and “Spiritual Works publication” along with Miss. Sohini Ghosh and Mr. Siddharth Mishra respectively. She is the co-founder of “Efforts of Writing” publication along with Sohini Ghosh. She’s very passionate about her creativity and most of her poems circle around the genre of melancholy and tragedy though she loves to write on other genres too. Her writing journey started at the age of 12 years when she was in her seventh grade. Over the course of time, she evolved as a poetess and at present she is compiling her first anthology “ESOTERIC EYES” which will be available in the market soon. She regards poetry as the redemption of her past traumas and her soul’s dysphoria. She firmly believes her scars are the places where the light enters into her soul. Her main motto in life is to establish her own identity as a successful woman in this cynical society where many misogynists are still prevalent to pull women down. She herself being a survivor of chronic depression and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), spreads the awareness about mental health in her social media accounts. Last but definitely not the least, she is heartily thankful and forever indebted to the poetry community on instagram which always motivated her to keep her head high. She regards three people in her life as her “GREAT INSPIRATIONS” who built her up everytime she fell down – MRS. SHABARI DATTA, MR. AMLAN SAHOO AND MISS. SOHINI GHOSH.


Sree Varshini loves to write poems , short stories and quotes . She has been a co author under 400 anthologies , including 150 international anthologies. She has won the Best English Writer Award for 5 times from 2021_2022. Recently , she won the 1st prize  in the International Writing Contest 2022  among 3500 participants . She is also the winner of  21st best women writer Award and 21st Century Emily Dickenson Award. Sree Varshini has proudly published 3 solo poetry books so far in her writing journey.


Mehak Tikoo is an avid reader and writer who hails from Jammu and Kashmir. She is a Veterinary Microbiologist by profession and is currently pursuing her PhD degree. She has been writing since her teen years. Her first inspiration was her grandfather. He guided her to pen down her feelings to relieve stress. Writing to her is like a mystical tune playing out in the midst of chaos. Writing to her is like a symphony composed from the core of soul. Writing to her is like a ray of sunshine in the hazy sky.

She writes poems, short stories and quotes. Her writings revolve around mental health, fantasy, motivational and inspirational. She has participated in quite a lot of online writing events and competitions. In addition to that she has also contributed in quite a few anthologies. The anthologies that she has contributed in are published by SGSH publications.

So far she has contributed in 4 anthologies namely Dead Dandelion, Moonlight, Eclipse and Unconditional love. She has also written for magazines like Unicorn magazine founded by Dr Romila Chitturi.

Through her writings she wants to spread joy among people. She wants her writings to provide relief and comfort to the drained souls. As far as her hobbies are concerned she likes to read, paint, sing, dance and also loves gardening. She has quite a fascination towards Indian classical music, Indie music, Country music and Old English songs.

Mehak Tikoo is also a book collector with a huge stack of books ranging from fiction to history to fantasy. Her favorite authors are Stephen King, Agatha Christie, R.L Stine, Ruskin Bond, Chetan Bhagat and James Allen. In her free time she watches calming videos, listens to piano music and watchs anime.

She has been awarded with the Poet of the year award 2022 by Unicorn Magazine. She has also been presented with the Emily Dickinson award by Bookleafpublishing India for participating in their Writeathon.


She is Keerthiga. K. She is a writer by passion and as for profession she is a medical student . She is a unique person that one can come across because her moto is not money but helping people.their parents stand for her as her pillars of support through her thick and thin. Many people say daughters are dad’s princess but she is unique even in that,she proudly says that she is her mom’s cutie pie.   She didn’t stop just being writer,The depth of her love for writing made her not only a famous author, but she started her own publication. She is the CEO of “SKM publication – the house of writers” ,where you can see many budding authors who loves working with them as a family . It’s not even a year of this publication being started, they have successfully launched 3 anthologies & 3 editions of their Pandora magazine and more than 3 books are on process. They have their podcast, news & magazine website and daily hunt account. She started her publication from scratch with all huddles and hard works she reached this stage.At first no one believed her when she said about her dream of opening her own publication but she didn’t give up on her dream,even though she is a medical student with heavy schedule she took all efforts and as much time she can make herself for her passion and then by seeing this her sister Kaviya. K (cofounder) and her best friend Srivika. R (MD) join the hand with her as they saw determination and dedication of Keerthiga towards her passion and they were also writers. Sooner,slowly yet steadily her hard work got paid off she has been featured as the CEO of SKM In many social platforms. She made her working area friendly zone so the writers really feel it is a house of publication which is her vision . Keerthiga’s dream is make her publication accessible for any writer who is dreaming of becoming an author as she belive “anyone can WRITE” .


Her name is Divya Sinha, she is from Madhya Pradesh, India.  She did M.Com.

She got inspiration for writing by reading Munshi Premchand and Mahadevi Verma.  She started her writing journey from 2021 and has co-authored more than 300+ compilations till now.  She has also compiled 10 compilations.

She is the first Compiler of the WP Publication (Writer’s Paradise Publication).

She finds the study of books on various subjects very interesting and she has a special interest in singing.


This is Shriparna Chattopadhyay, a 22 year old Zoologist, resident of the ‘city of joy’ ( Kolkata)pursuing her masters in Zoology from UNIVERSITY OF CALCUTTA .

Shriparna being an bailiwick in many arenas, loves to write, share her thoughts, is an Internationally published author. Her authored anthologies are available in online shopping platforms like amazon. Shriparna,

A winner of ‘Sparkle’ : a national poetry contest,  her works are also appreciated in different parts of the world. She is a compiler and currently compiling a book of her dream under a  publication house. She wrote several pieces promoting mental health issues.

She was awarded with a  certificate of appreciation from an you tube channel ( junction 98) where her recited poetry was appreciated by  viewers. Being a podcaster , her poetry is published there in #gaana, #Spotify #jio savan apps . She has shown her versatility in other fields too,   She loves to paint various forms of art and is a passionate singer too.

She expresses her emotions, her duped sentiments, the expressions of the society confined and cramped under several constraints.

Her works depict the dark side of society in various aspects. She herself is being duped by some  emotional and social doings, still chooses to not stop and to go on….

VAISHALI CHHABRA Artist Vaishali Chhabra is a Multi-talented prodigy from Noida. She has won several awards and has been featured in many digital and printed news and magazines. A graduate in commerce, she is gearing up for her acting debut with an upcoming short film. In a short time span, Vaishali has been able to make a mark for herself on social media, especially Instagram. She was always interested in multicolour art and her paintings are well loved by all.