Top Three Books To Read With A Cup Of Hot Coffee And Fire By The Side

The benefits of reading are infinite; they can lower your stress levels, make you happier, and raise your intelligence. Here are our three top picks for your winter reading, regardless of whether you’ve already checked off some of the top novels to read or you’re just beginning to expand your literary horizons.

Our Top Three Books to read with a cup of hot coffee and fire by the side are

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  • He Loved Me Enough To Let Me Go By Huma Tanweer
  • The Moment Of Joy By Author Sumana
  • Musings On Life By Madhurima Guruju


He loved me enough to let me go is a nuanced take on the human psyche in its extremes of light and darkness – the depths of human morality and the exaltedness of unconditional love. It is a gripping story of a few significant years of Aarushi’s and Ayaan’s lives. What is the mystery behind the separation of Aarushi and Ayaan? What is Ayaan’s version of their separation story? Do they get over their feelings for each other and move on? Or, do they decide to get back together? Does their complicated love story lead to a happy ending or does it end in a disaster? It is a beautiful love story about pain and sacrifice, and how love, hope and determination can win over even destiny together.

This romantic thriller unravels the struggles of a young boy against all odds in a land outside of his home. Within the contours of a traditional Kashmiri household in the egalitarian setting of foreign countries, the story spins into a tale of love and infidelity; readers are left wondering if both sentiments can maintain a balance. This intensely gripping novel offers a fun and complex mystery with some great romance and seduction on the side.

About Huma Tanweer

Huma Tanweer is an International Author, Columnist and Motivational speaker. She is a recipient of Asia’s Top 100 Influential Woman Award, 2021. She is also a recipient of the international literary award in the “woman writer of the year” category. Early in her career at the age of 19, she signed a contract with Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany in 2009. Her first book “The Social and Controversial issues” was published in 2010 and received accolades from such notable figures as Salman Rushdie and Shashi Tharoor. She has been regular in writing many youth awakening articles in Newspapers and many other reputed magazines. Her articles and interviews have appeared in Hindustan Times, Dainik Bhaskar, India Saga, Daily Hunt, The Hindu, India Today, The Indian Express, The Kashmir Monitor, The Kashmir Radar, Zee News, The Street, Vents Magazine, and Times of India’s city supplements, among others. She holds a post-graduate degree in Travel and Tourism Administration from Banaras Hindu University. She is the author of seven books. Her books are also nominated for International Commonwealth Awards. Huma has spoken at top universities and colleges as a guest speaker, on topics ranging from women’s empowerment to pursuing non-traditional careers. She has also made multiple television appearances and spoken on various panels and forums, joining the panels with Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, Arvind Kejriwal and Shabana Azmi. She has received (attention and) praise from global celebrities & influencers such as Shashi Tharoor, Remo Desouza, Arindam Chaudhari, Salman Rushdie, Raj Kundra, Sushmita Sen etc. She was recognized as one of the youngest non-fiction authors in the world.

She is a fierce, brave woman who has the power to move the entire audience with her words, which are as powerful as her personality. Counted among the prominent writers in the literary circle, she has the honour of having her books published in different countries. Some of her works include How to Become Rich, Art of Loving, Women Entrepreneurship, Body Language- A microcosm of our self and soul, The Social and controversial issues, and He loved me enough to let me go.

Now, eight years and seven books, she’s one of the most sought-after Indian authors, purely for her sharp wit, her highly relatable humour, and her characters you can’t wait to sink your teeth in. Voicing her thoughts through beautiful verses, she has captivated the unwavering attention of many. Churning moments from her past coloured by the fragrance of nostalgia, she writes compositions that would leave you sitting on your bed staring at the wall for hours on end. From feminism to self-love stretching all the way to instances where we find ourselves unloved or forgotten, her writings come as a comforting truth to prove to you that you are not alone or in the words of Huma herself, you are “still a person even if you’ve forgotten how to live.”

Top Three Books to read with a cup of hot coffee and fire by the side.


The Moment of Joy by Sumana is her second book published by JEC publication. The title of the book is taken from one of her poems from her first book Life Through My Eyes. The book covers some very interesting stories for all age groups. Her poems in the book are must read that can uplift anybody’s mood when they feel low. Life experiences enable one to have a positive outlook in negative situations. A must read book which will take over all your sorrows and will enhance a positive attitude.

Though it is a short book of 30 pages, it has more wisdom than any 60 pages in the world.

Her  favourite part of the book :

Page 22 Title Life

Line: “Life is not about people who are sincere in front of you, life is about those who are honest behind you.”

About Author Sumana

“One day the people that don’t even believe in You will tell everyone how they met you”.

An accomplished teacher and author who believes in simplicity and hard work. She says without the support of her teachers family and few friends she could not have come so far.

A simple loving girl whose passion of writing gave her the identity of author with the publication of her two books

  • Life Through My Eyes
  • The Moment of Joy

Here she would like to share her thankfulness to her publishers BFC publication and JEC publications  too for their cooperation.

She also worked as co author under the banners of many good names like Dreamer’s shelf, spot write, Flairs&glairs, Wordgenix, Inkquills, The WriteOrder and so many.

Her books made their place too.

Life Through My Eyes was featured among seven amazing books in the column of

The Moment of Joy was featured in the column of as three must read books that leave a lasting impact.

Moreover the strong lady is featured in so many prestigious column .The one she cherises the most when she was covered by web story India as

“Sumana Acherjee Mukherjee is a perfect example of simple girl rising to become popular author of India”. (

Sumana still believes she has long way to go. So her mantra of her life ” Dream big work hard stay humble”. Last but not the least she thanks her readers. Without them she is just incomplete.

Her favourite lines by her favourite poet Robert Frost

“Miles to go before I sleep

Miles to go before I sleep”

Top Three Books to read with a cup of hot coffee and fire by the side.


“Musings on Life” is a book comprising the collection of poems based on introspection of lives. Your perfect muse which will never leave by your side.

About Madhurima Guruju

Madhurima, who hails from Hyderabad South India is an award winning Teacher, Writer, Visual Artist and Performance Poet. According to her, writing is like a therapy to deal with tumultuous situations and the pen is her only friend on which she relies to vent her tangled thoughts through poems and stories.

She had published three solo poetry books last year, took part in several anthologies, while additionally holds experience in story telling and slam poetry at several open mic events across the nation. Madhurima had been featured on several other news web links for her remarkable contribution towards literary arts. Her recent book “Musings on Life” from BookLeaf Publications and a Podcast titled “Musings and Memories” which is available on Spotify; comprising a series of poems and short stories related to lives of people has been fetching enormous appreciation and accolades from the readers and listeners across the world.