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Welcome to world where everyone loves Idli. 

To those of you who don’t know what is Idli, please hold on to your breath as you get introduced to two of the most wonderful things, today. First, Idli— Idly or Idli is an Indian (to be specific), South Indian dish, one of the most historic cuisines of the world. It has gone through a load of experiments and evolutions, most of them come from foodies, in these personalised laboratories called Kitchen. If successful, then they’re called achievements, if not, then they’re called experiments. But what happens when achievement and passion come together? Well then it is called Tropus Food.

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Tropus Food, founded by food enthusiasts, Wajid Rahman and Rifath Ahammed, the combo has brought up some magically delicious nutri twist to traditional food, Idli. Twisted in a such a manner that the traditional essence is also maintained and new innovated offerings have just increased your cravings. The Tropus innovative traditional upshot idlis stunned with unbeaten nutri-nutra feast all the time. Tropus Foods offers a variety of Idli flavours such as Carrot Idli Mix, Lakadong Turmeric Mix, Mint Idli Mix etc. Let us have a look on what customers have to say about Tropus Foods and their services, a customer and a carrot lover says,

“Best in the market. Really Innovative and so easy to cook. The carrot mix is my favourite as I just love carrots.”

The other user says,

“Amazing flavours and really soft Idlis. This is my first time attempting unconventional Idlis and I loved it. Really Tasty”

(Source: Tropus Food/ Website Reviews)

The innovation of idlis is not just tasty but attractive, tasty and healthy as well. Consuming the Tropus Food Idli gives immense health benefits as it is made up of things that are natural and have great health benefits. Let’s get started and talk about few.

  1. Carrot Idli Mix

Tropus Food has made innovative Idli, namely Carrot Idli Mix. As we know, carrot is a root vegetable known for vast vitamins and have health benefits. Carrot is filled with Vitamin A and beta-carotene which evidently reduce the risk of diabetes. This innovate idli mix and satisfy your cravings and mixed with carrot helps in strengthening of bones with their Vitamin K and Calcium.

  •  Lakadong Turmeric Idli Mix

Tropus Food brings to you the best; the Lakadong Chyrmit is turmeric that is grown in Lakadong located in the foothills of Jaintia Hills in Meghalaya. What makes special Lakadong Turmeric is that it contains 7-12.32% of curcumin which is 2-3% higher than normal or other turmeric variety. Lakadong Turmeric Idli Mix has immense health benefits as Lakadong is known best for the anti-inflammatory properties it contains, regulates blood pressure, cholesterol and antimicrobial properties. It is a food, now with all the medical qualities.

  • Mint Idli Mix

Mint Idli Mix is 100% natural and 100% tasty. Mint leaves are herbal that are packed with antioxidants and phytonutrients that also contain Vitamin A, C and B-complex. All in one health benefits with anti-bacterial properties in Idli. Sounds healthy and delicious? Yes, it is! Mint Idli Mix is rich in iron, manganese and potassium which improves haemoglobin levels and helps in promoting brain function. Mint Idli Mix is all in one package of health and food.

Tropus Foods have built a great customer base and satisfied customers with good reviews. Tropus Food’s Innovative Idli is easy and quick to cook, with no artificial flavours or colours. Rich in Fibre and Calcium, the food will give you a pleasuring day.

You can order yours today, from here or check out their products today!

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