Turkish journalist and TV presenter Bahar Erensayin believes determination knows no boundaries

Developing a strong sense of innovation and doing exceptional work can lead to inspiring success stories in business.

What makes someone successful? Are people only able to recognize the right opportunities at the right time if they have the right opportunities? Almost all of the success stories we know about today result from the many sleepless nights that people have endured in order to achieve the success and growth they desire in their careers and lives, as well as their ability to create additional opportunities for themselves in order to reach the top of their chosen industries.

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As a professional, some individuals can achieve influential positions in their niches in just a few years by building new doors for themselves, innovating, and keeping honesty at the heart of their craft, as Bahar Erensayin did in television and journalism.

Today, we must shed light on this self-made success story from Istanbul, a Turkish journalist and TV presenter who is currently the anchor of the TV8.5 program “*AT KAPI.” This 26-year-old girl has broken the glass ceiling and made it to prominent positions in the news and media space in Istanbul.

Having the desire to do more and become more in such a vast and competitive industry has helped Bahar Erensayin become an inspirational woman, taking advantage of her expertise, rich experience, and knowledge. Graduated from a Foundation University in Istanbul with a degree in journalism after studying there for three years.

Even at Hunter College, she studied digital marketing, and she continued her digital education at Google’s New York campus. However, she felt it necessary to return to her hometown to push forward journalism in Istanbul, and she began her career there in 2020.

Before becoming an anchor and host, the top Turkish talent worked as a radio announcer and producer, then hosted award shows, which she has hosted for the past two years. Her passion for journalism has led her to serve as the Press Director at ITU Do*a College and Billes College in Göktürk.

At a young age, Bahar Erensayin (@baharerensayn) believes determination is one trait that can lead people to become innovators, change-makers, and success stories in their chosen fields.