Twin Book Release for Bhilai Author Kanchan Sen Sharma

Kanchan Sen Sharma from Bhilai, Chhattisgarh launches two books together titled “The Raconteur’ and ‘Midnight Cachinnation’. Both the books were written this year within a span of two months when she was working from home and are now available on E-Commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart. Kanchan is currently a researcher and Ph.D. scholar at IIT Bombay and has a total of three published books. She is the daughter of Papia Sen Sharma and BSP GM Kallol Sen Sharma who’s a well-known wildlife artist in Chhattisgarh.

‘The Raconteur’ is a book containing twenty narrative poems in English and is dedicated to one of her favorite English teachers from DPS Bhilai, Late Sudipta Sarkar. ‘Midnight Cachinnation’ has eight thriller stories and both the books have been published by Pixie and Pexels, a publishing company by Khushi Sharma and Urooj Fatima. Through this literary collaboration of young women, these books bring out a fresh assortment of stories and poems.

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Kanchan credits her supervisor from IITB, Prof. V Jothiprakash for always encouraging her nonacademic writing along with constant academic guidance. Prof. Ronita Bardhan from University of Cambridge and Prof. Joy Sen from IIT Kharagpur, who is a mystery genre author himself (Book: Sindhu Hote Sayan), have constantly read and reviewed Kanchan’s works. She had published her first book ‘The Corsage’ during her fourth year at NIT Raipur. “The first author I had met in real life was Prof. Abir Bandhyopadhay, who had written one of the most widely used textbooks for Urban Planning in India. I too, wish to write an academic book like him, but I feel I have years of experience to gain before that. For now, I am content with publishing fiction.” Says Kanchan. Satyajit Ray and Agatha Christie are her favorite authors and their influence reflects on her writing.

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