Twisting Scoops– India’s First Turkish Dessert & Ice-Crem Chain

An ice-cream lover once said, “Ice-Creams are not just a part of life, they are LIFE.”

Twisting Scoops is Asia’s first and only Turkish dessert chain launched in 2016 with the aim to bring the Turkish taste to the Indian subcontinent. Over the years since its establishment Twisting Scoops has spread over 20 Indian cities and various nations like Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. In the cities like Chandigarh, New Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai etc., Twisting Scoops has achieved various milestones and has set benchmarks in the ice-cream sector. The company is known for offering ice-creams that are chemical free and are made from hundred percent natural ingredients. 

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It was launched by Kunwarpreet Singh Juneja, himself a ice-cream lover in 2015, decided to turn his

interest in food into a business. A unique business of ice-creams that’d not only satisfy cravings but provide the best ice-cream of premium quality. The passion within Kunwarpreet was deeply engraved and this subsequently led to an association with a restaurant chain in Turkey. Twisting Scoops was launched in collaboration with Maras, a restaurant chain in Turkey with the goal to increase the availability of Turkish Arabic Cuisine in the Asian markets. Since its inception Twisting Scoops has expanded to more than 80 stores with its presence in more than 4 countries.

Turkish ice-cream is very different from any other ice-cream in the market. Turkish ice-cream has more salep and is hard-texture and is resistant to melting. Salep is known for its healing qualities and its mouth-watering taste.

Salep is loaded with various health benefits like it is known to relieve chest congestion and bronch that are helpful to boost energy levels and are also good for the heart. Boosting immunity and prevention from sore throat and minor body diseases– Turkish Ice Cream comes with all these benefits that makes sure no one has to compromise with their cravings.

With more than fifty flavors under its banner of anyone and everyone, all the products that are manufactured undergo various quality and stability checks to make sure the authentic taste remains intact.

All products are manufactured at the Twisted Scoop unit in New Delhi, certified with HACCP, NPCA, ISO 9001, ISO 21000, BSI verification the quality served in unmatched. At Twisting Scoops facility all the products manufactured are 100% Vegetarian  and are made from fresh cow milk. Being the Asia’s largest Turkish desserts chain they make sure that they sync with the market demand and hence they constantly  innovative delicious changes in the menu for their customers.

Bringing delicious and unmatched experience with theTurkish desserts Twisting Scoops also offers franchises that offer High Returns on Low Investment. Just like their unique flavors the team apparel that is used by the Twisting Scoops is also unique that includes Turkish Hat, Handed Paddles and Jackets. Making sure the quality is top-notch, Twisting Scoops over the period has built a huge base of ice-cream lovers; the team of highly passionate professionals working to serve you the best and healthy ice-cream.

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