TZP Publications presents BORN TO DREAM authored and compiled by Rajan V Kokkuri 

Rajan V Kokkuri, a well-known Indian author based in Oman, has launched his fourth book, BORN TO DREAM.’

This book is the BPL Employees dream. BORN TO DREAM reveals the untold experiences of the company’s founder, TPG NAMBIAR, as well as of the other two outstanding contributors, KPR NAMBIAR and MA UPPAL. For this unique book, 122 former BPL employees have contributed articles based on their experiences infused with anecdotes. A group of employees gave their own story depicting their long career and cordial relationship with the founders, which is extremely crucial in the publishing industry. The book opens with images of the founder TPG Nambiar and a very emotional experience narrated in the tale titled “Closer to Heart” by the compiler and author Rajan V Kokkuri, who is also a former BPL employee.

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The book ‘Born to Dream’ tells the story of three pillars who set out on a rail journey from Bombay to Palghat in 1963 to start BPL’s first plant, and how the firm grew to become one of the best private leading electronic corporations in the world, creating a lot of job opportunities.

BPL has become a household name in India, with a large demand in the market for its products. The author hopes that Born to Dream will set a precedent and become a significant illustration for future generations. The book’s author and publisher feel that it will be an excellent addition to any library’s collection.

Rajan V Kokkuri began his writing career by conveying a true everlasting story of a couple living on the footpath struggling against poverty. They had lost their son and found him after a period of nine years. This article was titled “My Story” that was published on the website “The Logical Indian” in January 2017.

Rajan’s debut work, ‘I REMAIN FOREVER YOURS,’ was a huge success and is now accessible as an audio record worldwide.

“My Precious Dreams” and “The Invisible Love” are Rajan V Kokkuri’s other two best-selling works. He believes that we should strive to make the impossible a possibility by accomplishing our dreams. He had certain unfulfilled dreams that he wanted to pen down and share his nostalgic moments as his reminiscence with the readers. 

TZP Publications (famous for its Taare Zameen Par Magazine), Delhi, has published this book BORN TO DREAM. The book has made a record for its sale before its official launch.