U NEED ME – the finest choices of laundry…

U Need Me is a tech-based start-up in India by Vipin Sahu, popularly known as ‘Paragliding man’. U Need Me is a Franchise Base Model. It is a laundry service that is completely operated on a Mobile App, making the user experience friendly and straightforward. Their app is available on Playstore.

They have an extended presence across India with best-in-class service. They have exclusive laundry outlets which are providing doorstep services. Their unique features include super fast service and pricing in terms of Kilograms of the laundry.

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They use starch-based chemicals to protect the fabrics’ shelf life and use multiple nature-friendly solvents that are safe for the fabrics and the user’s skin.

Their first Outlet is in Banda, Uttar Pradesh. With a population of 8,00,000+ as per 2021 in Banda city, they have hit the highest sales of ₹84,000+ in just 15 days. 

They have accomplished four franchise enquiries within a month of opening the first outlet.

When you live in an era that is run digitally, you can definitely rely on them. They are pioneers in providing professional service and hygiene. They have free pick up and delivery services, which will make your task easy. Their staff are trained and have hands-on experience to deal with the dedicated products. They use technology to manage, schedule, and track orders. They abide by the safest payment methods to ensure the utmost security to valuable customers.

The services they offer are dry cleaning, shoe cleaning, laundry, steam ironing, and folding. 

The vision of U NEED ME is to create a system that caters to the needs of people who want convenience and high-quality service. U NEED ME is going to create a trend of using eco-friendly chemicals to gain prominence by switching towards sustainable practices to save water, energy and reduce operational costs. 

Laundry is an essential time-consuming everyday routine. Over time, the count of local washermen who use traditional ways has reduced significantly. This has created an opportunity for laundry-based startups. 

People are switching to a healthy and hygienic lifestyle. It’s essential to know how unhygienic an ordinary dhobi procedure is. To clean your laundry, they might reuse the same water by which they clean hospital towels and bedsheets. U NEED ME is a chain of society friendly live outlets where we abide by the strict rules and regulations to separate the laundry and maintain hygiene while cleaning it respectively from different people and different places.

U NEED ME business is a franchising module, and they are willing to extend their franchisees all over India. They have a recurring module with minimum investments and maximum returns.

Our vision is to upgrade India with a hygienic way of cleaning laundry. We never know which chemical or what kind of water is being used by the traditional methodologies to do the laundry that can be harmful to the fabric by making it lifeless.

So, we are here to capture the 2.2 Billion Dollar market of laundry in India through our franchisees.

Google: https://bit.ly/UNMreview

Instagram: https://bit.ly/instagramUNM